[ Trading ] Bitcoin BUY Signal is out today! Martin Trend indicator

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I have been waiting for this signal for a long time, but today I got it. My Martin Trend indicator has given me a buy signal today. It is on the 1 Day BTCUSD chart. See below:

So guess what I did today. I switched on all my Zukul Trading bots and manually bought Bitcoin and Ripple. Yes, Ripple is a buy today as well. But is Bitcoin goes up, it should pull all Alts higer too.

On the chart, you will see the last candle is green. So as soon as the candles change from red to green, it is BUY. and when it changes from Green to red, it is a SELL. You can see some of the history on the chart. Been very accurate in the past.

Zukul Trading Update:

Bot are switched on!

Do you think Bitcoin is a BUY too?

Please give us an Upvote if you think this info was helpful. It will help my online business a lot and I hope to return the favour soon.

Thank you. :)

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Colin Brazendale

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More information about me:

I love Steemit and I have been blogging here since June 2017. I am always looking for ways to increase my Steem and SDB holding. Lately I have started trading bitcoin and altcoin using an auto trading robot.

Most of my time is spend on internet marketing for my clients on Google Adwords, but I also love network marketing on the internet.

I have been cloud mining for the last 2 years, but stopped promoting it due to the low returns from Jan 2018.

Why I joined Zukul Auto Trading Robot:

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Contact me via email [email protected] for more info on the auto trading bot.


Careful, it could also have been manipulation while Bitmex was down.

Handy indicator, lets buy Bitcoin then.

Yes, but be aware that we are still in the huge bear market. This might be a short rally up.

Unless we rally to above $8400 to make higher high. :)

Interesting developments!

Amazing! Thanks for being a blessing and sharing!

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Dear @colinbrazendale

I just decided to visit your profile and check out your latest content only to notice that you didn't blog in quite a while already.

Hope you didn't give up completely on Steemit?

Cheers, Piotr

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