Bitcoin Prediction - Why NOT to trade right now | Bitcoin Technical Analysis | Week 2, September

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It appears that a descending triangle is forming which is usually an indication of a significant bear move approaching. Watch this video where I do Bitcoin technical analysis on the current price and show you what appears to be a descending triangle forming.

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I feel your slice of the reward pie is too large 1.jpg

lol quality quote right there

That's great, I don't care.

Suit yourself, we do and that's why we are deterring the use of bid bots.

Why don't you go click on ads on google search to drain someone's ad spend because they're taking up organic positions? Why don't you go attack almost every blog out there because they accepted guest posts & editorials? How about news websites? I can go on any "news" website and pay $xxxx.xx amount and get an article about whatever I want published. What's the difference? Every single website that has lots of visitors gets monetized somehow.

I get it, trust me, you only want organic upvotes, just like everyone wants peace on earth and equality for all. But that just isn't reality bud. The truth is I spend hours and hours working on content to just get less than 100 views. That isn't sustainable. I see you have lots of followers and posts so you know how hard it is to gain traction.

It's not an attack, I have nothing against you at all so don't think that.

If you pay for advertising something do you get more back than you pay for the ad in these other places? That's whats been expected on Steemit and it needs to stop.

You are still on Trending despite all these 'attacks' so your content is still being seen, or you have that perception. Before HF21 nobody looked on Trending as it was full of paid posts that few cared about.

What are you trying to achieve with buying votes? Bid-bots will no longer give you a return, so if that's the reason, then don't.

I see you have lots of followers and posts so you know how hard it is to gain traction.

I do, and it's all real with no bots. It took a long time and a lot of perseverance. Nothing in life comes easy.

You're right, I don't get money back from advertising elsewhere but neither do I with these bidbots. All I've done is put money into this steemit ecosystem and the amount of steem and value of that token continues to go down in my profile. So I'm definitely not doing this to try to game the system because that's clearly not working for me. I previously wrote long blog posts here but then I realized people rather watch a video so that's what I started doing. I see your point of view but I see this similar to Reddit promotions. If you look at trending pages on reddit you will see paid ads sprinkled in between the organic results. I think what's happening here is it's just out of control and most trending posts are paid promotions. In that case, I understand your viewpoint.

the whole advanced theories and algorithms seems lite a ton to get involved wit, but sure its an addictive place to get involved. once you start the learning im assuming it teaches itself.

what would you recommend to someone wit some interest en getting involved wit the crypto market. but maybe doesn't have all the time in the world to get started with it.

step 1?

Take time out of your day to learn about trading indicators so that you can use tools to help predict when the market is going to turn. Follow me on youtube. If you look back at some of my previous videos I talk about how I use the Fibonacci retracement tool. that's a great one I use all the time.

Great to see some predictions might be true in short term

Even though the majority of the people are bullish regarding Bitcoin’s price due to the Bakkt entry, I think most probably we will assist to a decline in short term.

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excelente información, muy buen punto de partida para todos los que quieran invertir en criptoactivos, sin duda alguna muy completo el post.
El mayor de los éxitos.

Good prediction. Thanks for this post.

Nice predictions that's for sure.

Last time I believe in someone's prediction was a disastrous to be. I lost around $450 I could have paid rent for two months instead. Technical analysis is different story, however you still have to go with your feeling and year of trading experience and still things can go wrong. Anyways information provided here is good and may have some impact as mentioned.

I don't know hoe to react to your post, lets say your predictions and analysis better be true, fingers crossed.

lol, bitcoin is in a bear trap right now, go back to the charts and look again before getting caught in the bear trap.

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