Bitcoin Prediction SPOT ON! - See What's Next | Bitcoin Technical Analysis | Week 4, September

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Last week I warned about the formation of a descending triangle POST HERE and the prediction of a bear market approaching. Since that video was recorded the market has dropped 20%. Check out this weeks video where I do another Bitcoin Prediction.

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Nice prediction, it's been a constant downtrend for bitcoin. its something that happened before, it seems history is repeating itself. just my thought though.

For sure, I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel yet. It's only when people think BTC is dead that it will pump big again. "Be greedy when other's are fearful, and fearful when others are greedy" - Warren Buffet

Nice prediction, it's been a constant downtrend for bitcoin. its something that happened before, it seems history is repeating itself. just my thought though.

No dtube upload? Might be worth checking out that site man to get your content out to more cool people. Great charts by the way...youve made me a follower. Peace!

Thanks Paul, Yeah I've tried uploading to Dtub many times but it's so buggy. only 25% of the time the video uploads after 15 minutes worth of processing. When it gets better I'll try again.

We have been in a bear market....for a while now

I don't think I understand your point? Can you go a bit more in details because you're acting like there is no action in the market. It dropped 20% in a 2 day period. For those who actually trade with a significant amounts of capital, this analysis could have saved them thousands of dollars. I do these videos to help people.

I’m just being an ass, my bad. It was a good call on a large breakdown from there, the crypto industry is far from being long term bullish again and hasn’t been for a while now. This move in 2019 was going to be sold, I think that was obvious. Considering how many people are still trapped. Major money can be made both ways, I just thought “predicting a bear” was the wrong choice of words considering the market we have been in.

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Hmmm pretty low quality crap right here.

lol. Some constructive criticism would be more appreciated because I do these videos to help people, but okay.

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