HitBTC site issues - is it time to leave them? - UPDATE

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HitBTC have tweeted out that he issue is due to maintenance, hmmmm a heads up of any potential outage would have been nice, another nail in the coffin.

On a good note, if you use a bot to trade, the API is still accessible :-)


Hey traders

It looks like hitbtc have been having some major issues this weekend with their site. I have missed some great trading opportunities to try and strengthen my positions on a lot of my favourite tokens which is really frustrating

When trying to access the site I am greeted by the cloud flare page which is a DDoS mitigation service they subscribe too


If this was the only issue HitBTC had I would be a little more empathetic but it is not.

HitBTC’s support is awful at best and damn right ignorant at worst. I have been with HitBtc for a long time and joined there affiliate program over a year ago. Around December of 2017, the affiliate system started to have ”issues” so I opened a support ticket, I was ignored for over 2 months despite multiple requests for an update.

When they finally acknowledged my request, I was informed that the tech team where aware of various issues and where working the problem. Here we are almost 6 months later and still no resolution.

To add insult to injury, the current ”fee” to withdraw your EOS is 3.7 tokens, ouch.

I have already moved the majority of my trading portfolio off their site, either into my private wallets or to another exchange.

Am I alone in my frustrations with HitBtC or is anyone else having a poor experience?

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It'll be time to leave once we get a decentralized exchange. Till then I'll shill around at binance/kucoin/bittrex.


Boom, bitfinex will be launching EOSfinex directly on the EOS blockchain.

It goes without saying I will be using that service.

Personally had not had issues other then when attempting to do market sells and it not letting me so had to do do limit sales. Potentially i think they had some issues getting DDoS'd which caused some down/latency with the site a bit but its NOTHING compared to Kracken......shiver

Kracken cost me quite a bit being down in critical moments and only allowing a certain amount to be transferred out when another exchange was supporting a fork.....thus i missed out on free money....

That being said Kraken is more on my bad list, whereas Hitbtc i havnt had too many issues with. What other exchange are you looking at?


Bitfinex is on the top of my list right now, mainly due to them getting so behind EOS :-).

I tried Binance but I just could not get behind the UI at all.