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Do you know these ?

Who Invented Paper Money?

Before money was invented, it was used as a means of exchange of commodities ranging from sea shells to precious metals. According to historical records, BC In 118, the Chinese used leather money. The first paper money is M.S. It emerged again in China in 806.
The printing and use of paper money in the West finds the end of the 17th century. It appears that the first paper money was spread by the British Government in the United States in the 1690s and by the "Goldsmiths" in England and circulation by the British Central Bank in 1694 and later by the establishment of other central banks.
"Paper was invented, it took centuries for money to be paper."


Which is the most sang song in the world?

This song is "Happy birthday to you". The genuine source of the song belongs to two American sisters. The original name is "Good Morning to All". Then the band was changed and spread to the whole world. But the copyright belongs to the brothers, then to Warner / Chappel music company. When music is used for commercial purposes, it is obligatory to pay for the company.


Why does the grave have flowers?

First, Egyptian Pharaoh Tutamkamon died in 1346 before the emperor of Milano, and his grave was covered with crown of flowers. In northern Europe, until the year 2000 BC, it was determined that the landscape had flowers. At that time, these flowers were intended to attract good spirits, to expel evil spirits. Afterwards, the main purpose is to camouflage the smell of the corpses while they are rotting. This is why the cervical tree is used in cemeteries. A tree's leaves blocks the wind, and has a refreshing scent to it. The purpose of dressing black in funeral ceremonies is to avoid ghosts in cemeteries.

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Why people wear their watches on left hands ?
Most people are wearing their watches in the left arm unless there is a special situation or thought to be different. Because the majority is using the right hand and this arm is more mobile because of the chance of being hit by a place hit the clock. The time switch is already set up next to the 3 digits. When people want to set the clock, they can set the clock on their left arm, stretching it out with the right hand, without leaving the wrist.


Why does King at Chess ineffective that much ?
Because the king is under protection. Already in chess the goal is to take a king. That's why all the stones are responsible for protecting him. The vizier, like the commander-in-chief, Forward and backward, the cross can go in every direction. In the west, she was called the queen of queen. That is to point out that the Queen is the King's greatest support. Chess began to be played by the Hindus in the 6th century, and then spread to the world.


Why are the doors of the hotels revolving door?

The revolving doors are the only goal to save energy and space. The entrances of large buildings are constantly heated. Cold air enters from the normal door that opens. If normal doors are used, air conditioning or motors will restart due to air change. The revolving door is used to save energy especially in hotels and similar buildings where many people enter and exit. The rotating wings prevent hot air from coming out, and cold air from entering. Moreover, all this function is located up to the door diameter.


Why do the ice in the cups stick together?

not only the melting temperature for ice pressure is also important. This is also why the shift of the glaciers in the mountains. Substrate melts under pressure and slip occurs. Inside a cabinet or in a cup, each of the overlying ice forms a pressure at the point touching it underneath and very small part melts at that point. The water that moves from here is frozen again at the junction of the two ice cubes in very few places. The two pieces of ice will stick to each other and there will not melt again.


Do you know why wedding ring is wore at ring finger ?

Why is the wedding ring always the same finger, why?
the index finger the head finger or the sparrow finger why not the ring
finger ...
For the first time, his marriage ring is wearing the old corn prince nefertiti ...
The future of medicine is a separate debate, but centuries
Then it is understood that the only vessel that goes directly to the heart is the finger on the wedding ring.
There is no vein left by any other finger directly to the heart



The fact that the "Keops pyramid" in Cairo is made up of two and a half million blocks of 12 tonnes of weight, that if it were placed ten blocks a day it would take 664 years to build it, that the meridian passing over the pyramid was split into two equal parts and the pyramid was in the center of the earth's center of gravity, The height (164 m.) Is one billion
that the multiplication gives the distance between the sun and our earth, the division of the base field to twice the height gives the number of peaks,
• In pyramids, "ultrasound", radar, sonar does not work such devices,
• The polluted water has been purified for a few days when left in pyramidine; the pyramid is fresh in the pyramid for a few days and eventually becomes yoghurt; the plants grow faster in the pyramid; the food waste inside the trash can mumble,
• cuts, burns, abrasions and wounds in the pyramid faster recovery,
• For pyramid, it is relatively cold in summer, hot in winter,
Whose name was the pyramid, on the day he entered the sun twice a year, the sun entered, and these days are born and throne days, WHAT DO I KNOW?


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