Naughty Tagger's List 2/11 - 2/17/2018 -- Tag spammers identified. Now the ball is in your court!

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The list below identifies the authors who have "Introduced" themselves or products more than 20 times since the start of 2018 AND have posted again in this tag last week. Only the first (worst) 50 records are printed here.

This is information only. The information was obtained programmatically and no favoritism was given to any author.

It is possible that some of these authors have legitimate reasons for using the introduceyourself tag repeatedly, it is up to the community to decide that.

This article (post) is also being tagged with the introduceyourself category. I believe it does belong under this tag, but let me know if you prefer not to have it posted there. I will certainly listen to the community on this subject.

The list below includes articles only (no comments) and only includes authors who have new posts last week in the introduceyourself tag.

Tag spam can really make it hard to find articles you are truly interested in when authors intentionally post their content using tags that really do not apply to their article's content.

If you find this tag spam to be unacceptable behavior, then let the author know. A quick comment with your honest view point may be sufficient to make a real change. Letting them know they are on "The Naughty Taggers List" may be plenty useful.

I will be updating this list on a weekly basis.

It is possible the authors below have already made changes to their tags and habits and their newer posts may be more properly categorized. But the count is accurate one way or the other as to the number of articles in the "Introduceyourself" category as of the time the list was generated.


Feedback is requested, good or bad. I'm working towards a great platform, but your concept of great might be different than mine, so I am very interested in your concept. Also, let me know if you would like to see more of these types of list.

Please resteem this post if you think this information might be useful to the Steemit community.




Most of them are pretty annoying. I already crossed some of them. Most of them create cheap quality content. This is really helpful. Now I have all of the spammer in one place . Thanks @bycoleman

The certainly are annoying and some are adamant they are doing no wrong.
I think they will find out others do not agree.

Thanks for your support on this!

Explain, how did my posts hurt this category?

nice work. i have downvoted a couple of them but my account is still pretty weak. :(

Thank you for helping out. Be sure you have a higher reputation or you can get beat up by them.
I have warned top offenders of the list, hopefully that will also help.

yeah i figured that out real quick, but i have never been one to back down from a fight either so ........ lol. I will come back stronger and flag their ass back.

You will come back stronger. Keep up the fight!

Question... As a new user I have posted a few articles that I thought were relevant and informative but due to my status here they only got maybe 5 views and I think it was me going into the article again to look to see if there were any views. lol What would be the stance on me re posting those articles later after I have increased my status a little and people might actually see them?

I have often wondered the same thing. You are unlikely to be flagged for it, but obviously re-posting the same material repeatedly is not useful to the platform. With that said, I do believe there are circumstances when re-posting a "fresh" copy of something, possibly with some updates might have value.

Yeah, I would never spam any content. Not my thing. I'm Here for the long run and believe in the platform. I'm willing to work hard to build myself up. I just look back a a couple articles I wrote and think, Damn... Maybe I should have waited on that one. lol

I have the same problem too, it really sucks when you put a lot of work into a post only to get little or no views..
But here's an advice a great man gave me. He said "write once or twice a week, read other people's post more and curate. Stay real to what you're passionate about and when the time comes people will notice your post"... Am applying he's counsel now and it's working gradually. I think you should try it too.
One more thing, that great man that adviced me is @bycoolman...
And if he comments on your post positively, then you're on the right tracks.

You are really very kind!
I'm certainly no "great man", but I appreciate the accolades.
It is just what is working for me and I believe in it, and I believe in this platform.

Many blessings!

yes i have wondered the same thing, i put some work into early stuff that i will have to revisit and make a better version of once i get better at bloging.

I didn' realize I was doing wrong so sorry

I did not know it was only used once. But thanks to @bycoleman warning I will not make the same mistake


Have a great day and much success!

You are one of the high reputation folks. I hope you will help in this battle.
A lot of people are really abusing the tags and this just takes away from the value of the platform, which of course can lead to the devaluation of SP and SBD's.

It is ours to keep or ours to destroy.


.this is very interesting information I did not know
.i read through the F.A.Qs and the etiquette guide but did not see that this was something incorrect
.thanks again for the information

thanks for enlightening me,i never knew it will be called spamming,am never gonna use the tag again