The Monastery Of Öşki- TURKEY

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In that travel i came to see the monastery of Öşki, which is in the city of Turkey, Erzurum.
It built between 963-973 years, and we can see it could stay to our this day.

Georgian King Kuropalat Adernese's sons David and prince Bagrad has built that monastery and dedicated to Baptist Yahya(Ionnis Prodromos. The Byzantine Empire invaded the area in 1022 then The Byzantine kings II. Basileos and VII. Konstantin rebuild the cupola which was destroyed.


Öşki Manastery has been one of the episcopacy centers in that area. In century Öşki Manastery has been cultural center for esspecially manuscripts and it has preserved being center for cultural activities till century.


Öşki Monastry is one of the biggest churches of Georgian which has Crusades plan.


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Seems like a pretty interesting ladscape! Would love to see more of these location. It also seems pretty turkish, with a lot of the classic elements of their architecture. It is in ruins? Or it's used until now as a church or something?

yeah it doesnt seem as so different from Turkish architecture. now inside of the church cannot be used, hope it will be better

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