The Toy Collection That Still Haunts Me

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A little over a year ago, I posted about going to check out a MASSIVE toy collection. This thing was tremendous, and that’s coming from someone who is not easily impressed with this kind of this. You can check out the initial post here. It was from a lone collector and the story was he needed to get it all out of his folks home and had nowhere for it to go. I was pumped and we were in the midst of making a deal. But as time went on, I grew to see that the dude was basically dicking me around.

Without getting super into it, the dude while a “nice guy” is completely unstable. He’s in his 40’s and was living with his folks who basically enabled him throughout his entire life. They bought everything for him and had to spend I’m guessing over 100k on stuff and that estimate is me being a bit prudish. The real total is most likely much higher. He hoarded all this stuff and just stocked up their house.

The problem is that he does not get along with them, especially his pops and I ended up finding out that there was a restraining order and legal proceedings that were happening. Claims of abuse, theft, vandalization, and more were spewing out from the son and I guess the parents were sick of it so they told him to get the fuck out and to take his shit with him. A quick look at his YouTube or Facebook page will show you just how delusional he is. I spent about 2 hours talking to the mom one day and that’s when I learned about just how unstable this dude is.

It’s sad as he seems like a nice enough guy but I feel he needs some serious help to deal with his issues. I’ve tried to give him advice and help him several times. All have fallen on deaf ears. Since that time he’s been on and off contacting me and getting my hopes up about obtaining this collection but I pretty much know it’s just not going to happen at this point. I even wrote about it once again here.

This dude has spent the past year living on the streets, on friends couches, shelters, hospitals, jail, and god knows where else. He apparently now has 3 storage units full of stuff. I only have seen one with my own eyes so who truly knows but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit. What I do know is that there is still stuff at his folks house. How do I know that?!? Well I received this out of the blue text yesterday...


After speaking with him, he told me that he has to get the rest of his stuff out by tomorrow or his dad can do whatever he wants with it per the courts. He’s not allowed in there so he wants me to rent a truck and go to get the stuff. I told him if he wants me to do that, I will but I am taking a portion of the product as my payment. I told him to tell me a rough % he was comfortable with and he never committed to a number. I was thinking about half. I’ve been dicked around for over a year thus far so I had to make it worth it. Especially if I was doing all the work. He could either lose it all or lose half. His choice.

The catch?!? I wanted to speak with his folks first to inform them of what was to take place. I didn’t want to go through the trouble of clearing my day, renting a truck, then showing up...just to be turned away. At first he was reluctant to give me the number and have me speak to them. After he got the hint that I was his only hope on short notice and I wasn’t budging on this stipulation, he agreed and gave me the info.

So I call...and at first speak to his mom who then passed the phone to his pops. As I explained what the plan was, he asked me “Are you a moving company?” To which I replied “no”. He then told me that it’s a no go as it has to be a licensed moving company and they need to take count of each item and such as the son kept claiming that the parents were stealing and breaking millions of dollars worth of his collectibles. He said he needed to cover their own asses which I fully understood. I tried once more to see if there was anyway to get the stuff out. That is take a record of what was there but he said that the final date has passed on Halloween and it’s now out of his hands. He was nice but firm, and I honestly understood completely. It’s a shitty situation and they are dealing with court battles with their fucked up son. Really sad.

He informed me that it’s all going to be donated to Toys 4 Tots which I guess is pretty cool to be honest. The only shitty part is that there were lots of high end collectibles there. Expensive comics, statues, figures. Not your typical Batman toys but pieces that go for hundreds. The collector in me kinda cringes at the fact that a 7 year old is going g to rip up and destroy a $1000 dollar comic but’s out of my hands now.

So I called the dude back and informed him that it was a no go. He still tried to get me to go but I was firm. I told him to just walk away and take the loss on this stuff. Not to dwell on it. I advised him to sell the other shit and secure an apartment. To get a job and car and all that. He just kept fixating that his dad was abusive, the courts and justice system were corrupt, and that he was going to expose them all on his YouTube videos.

He told me he would call me back and that was that. What pisses me off is this dude knows he is past the court mandated date, but was still going to let me go through the trouble of clearing my day, renting a truck, then just showing up at the house to be rejected. That’s super irritating.

What else is irritating is that he is going to lose everything in time. He’s already now lost whatever is in the house and according to a mutual acquaintance who helped him move his last a lot. All the comics and tons of other stuff. He’s absolutely 100% going to lose those units. He’s not going to sell anything and is just going to keep them until he can’t pay any longer. Then they will go up for auction and some lucky folks are going to make out like bandits. Then, he will be without his only get out of jail free card...his assets. The assets which he could have sold to start his life over on the right track. Such a shame. I almost want to go to the storage place, speak with the manager, and let him know that if he does indeed default...that I would like to be informed. Not sure if he could do that legally or not.

Either way, it’s out of my hands. I tried countless times...not only because I’d like to obtain the goods but because I genuinely wanted to help the guy out. Now...I kinda don’t care. He was willing to once again have me waste my time and money and get tangled in his web of crazy lies. Fuck em! That’s my attitude now.

Sometime in the near future...some underprivileged kid is going to be mangling a copy of Hulk #181 that he received from Toys 4 Tots. That’s both awesome and scary at the same time...



Weird story on the parents' end too. Toys 4 Tots isn't likely to use a licensed moving company to inventory all the stuff, so it's going to be on them if they want those records. In my town, Toys 4 Tots does not accept used toys. Which I find annoying, basically saying what I have to give isn't good enough.
Maybe it's different for a large donation. If the charity is smart, they'll take it and sell it to collectors as a fundraiser.

Oh they totally enabled him his entire life and created this monster. 100%

Who knows. I know it sounds shitty as the father is trying to do a good thing, but he’d be better off selling the stuff and donating to the charity or buying actual toys the kids would like with the profits. The stuff he’s going to give to the kids is expensive shit with sone being kinda weird. Shame all around.

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Stop bringing this back up because it haunts ME for you as well. would have a field day with this lot. It would pay for our steemfest trips from here until eternity. Or until Steem plummets to 0 and ceases to exist. Lol

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IF YOU EVER started listing your items to sell... You already have half of that goldmine, you just don't know it. (Said in the tone of an inspirational low budget movie scene).

I hate people like this. What an idiot. Storage Wars!

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He’s going to lose everything. He just started texting me shit again last night...ridiculous.

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Some people just dont learn or seem to understand anything that is explained to them, I understand it hurts to see such items go this way but you tried time to let go unfortunately.

He’s texting me again with a convoluted plan about how I bought the stuff previously so that it is considered my property. How’s he’s going to tell the judge and blah blah blah. I want no part of that insane story.

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