V4Vapid Presents: Tin Foil Raps 2 - A Paranoid Rhymes Contest

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Tin Foil Raps 2 - A Paranoid Rhymes Contest

Syrian Edition

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Tin Foil Hat by Definition

Tin Foil Hat, also tinfoil hat, a general term for a piece of headgear made from one or more sheets of tin foil, aluminium foil, or other similar material. Some people wear the hats in the belief that they act to shield the brain from such influences as electromagnetic fields, or against mind control and/or mind reading. The concept has become a popular stereotype and term of derision; in Internet culture, the phrase serves as a byword for paranoia.

that guy is so paranoid he needs a tin foil hat.

by bkdouble October 05, 2006

The Urban Dictionary

Yeah I know, I've been teasing this one for a while now but the time has finally come for TFR2! The mentally-illest rhyme contest on the Block.

Time for all you Russian Bots out there to roll out the aluminum, spread your demented propaganda and influence the weak jello-like minds of the Steemit masses.

The first installment of TFR was more than 3 months ago and was a rousing success.
Many of you lived up to your reputations as seriously deranged fucks.
And I loved every minute of it.

The Tin Foil Crown went to an up and coming minnow known on the Block as @jamesgetsit with an audio entry that can only be described as a verbal Tin Foil Rap barrage!

Powers That Be

Since winning the Tin Foil Crown , @jamesgetsit has been lighting up the Blockchain with his deadly verses and has gone on to create his own contest Kill The Pad. For any true Hip-Hop heads out there, you gotsta be following this talented rhyme sayer. His lyrics are straight Sriracha!

I've recruited this brain-sick-super-human to join me in judging this very special edition of TFR and passing down the alluminati crown to some new sicko out there.

Syrian Edition

21st Century Wire

Activist Post


Last year, I made a series of posts dedicated to the intense propaganda being aimed at the minds of western audiences in regards to events taking place in Syria.

Propaganda and Syria: Sculpting Western Minds

USAID Funds White Helmets aka Al Qaeda with a Facelift

See more here - Syrian Propaganda and the White Helmets

Recent events in Syria have brought us to the brink of WW3 with the alleged use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government in what appears to be yet another false flag operation meant to trigger US intervention.

A haze of propaganda is thick in the air.

False flags, Chemical weapons, the White Helmets, Rebels, Foreign Terrorists, ISIS, Omran Daqneesh, the Deep State, Trump, Assad, CIA, MI5, James Le Mesurier, Free Syrian Army, Al Qaeda, USAID, Chemonics, Syrian Civil Defense, Al Nustra, MayDay Rescue, NATO, Oil Pipelines, Weapons Smuggling, Rat Lines, No-fly Zones, Silkway Airlines, John McCain, Putin, Gaddafi, Golan Heights, war profiteering, WMDs in Iraq, Libya, Israel, The Saudis, Iran, "7 countries in 5 years", Saudis and Qatar bankrolling ISIS, Russia-Russia-Russia, Iran, US-Saudi 100 billion arms deal,...



Sarah Abed Twitter




Contest Rules

If you think you've got what it takes to win the Alluminati Crown, here's how to enter.
This installment of TFR will be separated into 2 types of entries.

Category 1 - DTube, DLive, YT (video) and DSound, Sound Cloud (audio)

Category 2 - Written rhymes, poetry

Entries will be placed into one of the 2 categories.

Your entry must relate to Syria & Western Propaganda

Limited to 1 entry per account ONLY

Submissions MUST be made in a seperate post not in the comments

(leave a link to your entry in comments below if you wish)

Be sure to use the Lead Tag - "tinfoilraps" - for your submissions

Deadline is 7 days from posting

(UTC deadline = 1:30pm Monday April 23rd, 2018)

Winners: Winners will be announced within 48hrs of the deadline.


Category 1

Overall Best Video/Audio Submission (50 STEEM)

Runner up for Best Video/Audio submission (25 STEEM)

Category 2

Overall Best Written Submission (50 STEEM)

Runner up for Written submission (25 STEEM)


Bonus - Most Humorous / Most Creative (To Be Announced)

As Always - Bonus V4Vapid Upvotes + Resteems are in the Mix :)

This contest is open to everyone.

Just have fun with it!

tin foil fam 2.png



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Another one? This is the 2nd one that I've flagged for copy and pasting my entire post. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention ;)


I spent 4 hours writing material to join in today, then deleting it and starting again, and gave up, and after looking at your entry anyway, as mc hammer sang, "can't touch this" so I am glad I gave up, tips hat to you, and bows out.


You spent weeks talking me into writing again, you gave me a million reasons why I should, you helped me with markdown, you spent hours coaching me on discord, you told me who to follow, what style to write, helped me and encouraged me, and you give up yourself that easily? now you sir, have confused me, why put so much time into me, and so little into you?.

My entry
The Problem Of Doing Nothing

Thank you for the contest @v4vapid

My entry, with the special help from an anonymous helper.

Oh man u know I'm in, the last one was alot of fun to participate in and read others submissions. "Alluminati" lol

This one is going to be brutal; the subject matter doesn't allow much in the way of flowers and pretty things.

Us folks over at @thewritersblock are already chewing on some of the nasty bits here, and hopefully we can disgorge something that will be entertaining, enlightening, and Allumaniacal!

Thanks for another legit contest!


Thanks, glad to see there's some interest despite the lack of flowers, puppies, unicorns and rainbows ;)

Excellent initiative with the contest, you have to be very creative to write a poem or a lyric about Syrian propaganda, but I'm sure there will be many participants in the challenge.
in Steemit what's so much talent Steemians

Cool, it will should be interesting to see how people are interpreting all this propaganda. This will be another amazing contest for sure. Best of luck to everyone and big thanks to @v4vapid for putting this together. I've been excited for the 2nd TFR ever since the 1st TFR ended.

lol holy shit!!! I am SO in!! This is an awesome idea.


Sweet, glad you dig it man! Fighting propaganda with facts can be an up hill battle...but art can cut right through the layered lies ;)


yeah this seems like it will be a good challange, plus I have been known to bust out a freestyle at parties from time to time lol

Because I had such fun with the conspiracy fiction, I just have to partake again. Conspiracy + war? Now we're talking.

Love "alluminati." That's brilliant.

I can't wait to see what steemit's crypto powered, multi-layered, linguistic masters of meaning and metaphor draw from this brilliantly inspired choice of subject matter. You've yet again captured the essence of the moment and out of fear created a moment of inspired unity. Good luck to all involved and thank you to @v4vapid for providing both the platform and inspiration for another excellent contest.

Glad to see a tfw2! Some people on here got more talent in their little finger than me and hopefully one of those catches my resteem - looking forward to seeing what's cooked up! :D

Let me see what I can come up with, this war in Syria is like the ultimate guide to false flags, you could not make half of the shizzel up.


It really is false flags 101!

I like intriguing contest...makes steemit a more interesting place...upped.

I'm wearing my TFH as I read this for extra security!


wow swesome please reply or upvote please plesae


I can tell you have your TFH on too :)

This is yet another great community event that you can only find here on steemit. If the author of this post and creator of the event would like to come on my MSP WAVES RADIO show #CHRONKnCOFFEE we would love to help promote it. I also personally will try to create something worthy of entry. RESPECT

This sounda like a pretty good contest congrats to james gets it


Why congrats to me? lol


Oh my bad it was more of a shout out lol


Hahaha you're good man, lol... I appreciate the shout out then :D


Something very exciting and very wonderful
You offer us the nicest things that interest us
Truly a successful person
You are like me here

Ok, I have eternally embarrassed myself by doing what I promised myself never to do... but I wrote a song and decided to sing it, even though I do not sing. So, here goes nothing, my entry, the Tinfoilhat Rhapsody by PhiloQueen (aka @nobyeni):


its really amazing post @v4vapid thank you for this post i think your mostly post are amazing👌 i will wait your next post 👍😍

This is a quite interesting challenge. I should really want to partake in this.


Really, the contest made for more exposure to the ailing issues in Syria.

Here's my entry


I like it. I'll drop my "bomb" over here in a few days

Although I do not have the skills to take part in this contest, I look forward to seeing the entries.
Also, on the subject of propaganda I need to share with all of you this disgusting piece of crap, the account of a so-called survivor of the Douma attack, a seven-year old girl who manages to offer MSM the perfect headline: 'Instead of breathing the air, we breathed the smell of blood'. Brutal, poetic, heartbreaking - not bad for a primary school kid!!!
If you watch the video below, you might notice the girl keeps looking at someone on the side to see if she's saying the lines correctly.

I'm buying stock in aluminum .... (hand in face)

I had fun with the last tin foil hat rap... not a new entry.
Flat Earth and Russian Collusion
I'm a terrible rapper, but it was fun for a laugh.

They infested all our brains with a massive email dump,
and caused us all to think we should vote for Donald Trump.


I've been waiting for this.
Also observing the propaganda thinking how crazy it all is.


This is a great breakdown of the Syrian Propaganda. Mockery is the best way to combat these sicko's. I just wrote an Op-Ed in our online newspaper about it. I do wonder if the propaganda is actually to cover up chemical testing. I've just mirrored our youtube channel onto Dtube.Check out my Blog. Anyway her's the Op-Ed I wrote. https://steemit.com/new/@themissinglink1/massive-meltdowns

I would explain a little more how to work the concuerso I am interested in participating

I love to participate but i feel sorry for the wounded victims in Syria. I think the government in syria is a dumb person

This could be interesting.
I love finding unique contests.
Following to see how this unfolds.

Hi! I was going with something really serious and said these as a joke, but humour is a powerful weapon to get the word across

Hey @v4vapid here is my entry for the contest...I hope it's a worthy entry and you enjoy it....So much fun, thanks.


I'm not exactly a rapper, but as an Arab generally and Iraqi specifically felt it was important for me to share this with you guys, hope you like it.

I can't miss this one actually, because I am all about spreading the truth and had my share of government corruption too. Now I need to find inspiration :) Let's aim for the Alluminati Crown!

Oh, hell yeah, this one looks rather enjoyable. Almost too much material to work with. Time to get wrapping...

Here's my attempt!
Syria. What Is The Criteria?

Thank you for making a contest that rises awareness on the topic! You are doing great things!

Sheesh, this was fricken hard! And I'm not happy with my contribution but I am happy I put something together at all. Such a great contest topic, thanks for running it :)


And at the last moment - here is my entry!

Thanks once again!

OMG! I was just about to miss this one. Barely made it!

Here's my entry: