POLITICAL POETRY: Chucking Stones from the Tin House

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Hello everyone. I recently moved to a new town. People here seem to view the world differently than I do. The adjustment process has been quite difficult for me. As a catharsis, I wrote this humble poem which I recite to myself every evening in my bathtub (lavender essential oil wafting gently), a sort of self-affirmation if you will.

This is also an entry for the Tin Foil Raps 2 competition hosted by @v4vapid

I hope you like it. If you don't....duck!

Chucking Stones from the Tin House

In the aisle comes a smile...will this all be worthwhile?
Yeah, the store can afford to restock this whole pile,
Buy it all 'fore the fall of this crumbling empire.
My wreckt brain can't sustain elite's bloody desire!

So now, at home wrapping metal foil all around,
This dull house never looked so shiny, so profound.
It's a tall finger for the brainwashed casting glares,
My neighbors, (those fucknuts) gorging on the state's fares.

A foil hat just won't do, the bullshit barrage is too thick.
I must protect my brain, my chest, schweddy balls and dis dick.
So the house must be wrapped up tight like a drum,
To keep out propaganda spit by MSM scum.

White helmets, blue helmets purple and green,
Black helmets, red helmets it's all a smokescreen.
Pull your head out your ass, don't bite the narrative bait
(Oscar propaganda's cynical, huh mate?).

Russians are coming! An existential red scare!
(Initiate proxy war --> false flag chem warfare)
Putinbots misleading social media noobs,
RT flagged agitprop on CIA's YouTubes.

Soak your kiddies in blood, dirty clothes and mussed hair!
Take photo quick! Make-up runs in hot desert air!
How dare you spray fake chemicals on darling kids?
(Instead you should MOAB their house, level their cribs!)

'Murca sells fraydum, they'll bomb the piss out of you,
Your uncle, brother, mother and her little dog too.
This is how western democracy works you see?
Assad-Animal-Dictator must go, !!!!!NAZI!!!!!

Fake left, fake right, funky-fake media galore,
Reality-war by reality-star whore!
Fake anger, fake sympathy, fake charity-black-hole,
Emotions exploited with trauma-mind-control.

Fund 'Qaeda, fund the rebels, treat ISIS's wounds,
U.S. of Asrael doles cash to brutal goons.
Allies, partners, Coalition of the Willing
Fiat-arm-twisting helps create "happy" shilling.

I know I've seen this old record spinning before...
On the white sandy beaches of some distant shore?
Gulf of Tonkin, nine-eleven and yellow cake.
Oh bollocks! These false flags are common, my mistake.

Add another foil layer around the abode,
To block EM waves for calm mull upon commode.
------------->(deeeep breath.......plop.........proceed to the beat drop)
Psyops and lies, Fuckerberg's filthy Facebook spys,
How to be blind to Big Brother's triangle eyes?

Demonetized dissent and accounts deleted,
Alternative voices have all been defeated!
Or have they? You may ask, sipping long on your tea,
Like a Lipton frog you smile on SteemIt with me!

Hunkered in my tin house pelting rocks at their glass,
While they lick the jackboots of the war machine's brass.
U-S-A, U-S-A they chant like prostrate drones,
Millions of the made-in-the-USSA clones.


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yeah right? Turns out wikipedia isn't completely useless!

Fund 'Qaeda, fund the rebels, treat ISIS's wounds,
U.S. of Asrael doles cash to brutal goons.
Allies, partners, Coalition of the Willing
Fiat-arm-twisting helps create "happy" shilling.

This part struck a chord.
So many willing to ally with our Deep state it is sickening.

Thanks for this poem.

Sickening, frustrated, demoralizing...people who desire vast wealth and power don't really give a shit about values, moral, etc (IMHO), so they are easily corrupted/bought/convinced/etc. Birds of a feather. So, as long as the global elite remain mostly united in the view of how humanity should be managed, then it will forever be an uphill battle for the masses just to get a little slice of comfort/respect/well-being.

The hat reminds me of a Weird Al song where he talks about stuff while wearing a tin foil hat. I love talking about history, politics, and maybe even comedy for sure.

Well then, my friend, you should definitely slam down some rhymes over at @v4vapid 's conspiracy raps. There is no lack of material this day-in-age, which actually makes it difficult in an overabundance sort of way.

You are one sick mofo...you never disappoint.

F%!k the new neighbours, f*&k the new town
They are all just a bunch of uninformed ass clowns...

Cheers mate!

Oh yeah, it's knives out, guns sighted, karate moves readied and toilets plunged over here. If I don't self-implode under my own potential energy then I can rationally say this life wasn't worth living :)