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I posted before about this German electronic band, and for good reasons. When you know Kraftwerk; I probably don't have to explain. When you do not know Kraftwerk, well, I can be pretty short in explaining why this band is still very relevant!

In the early 70s they released their first albums; 100% electronic with small exceptions being some vocals, but also these are heavily post-processed by electronic systems. The computer made its appearance in automation, but also in music. Kraftwerk was one of the first who took the computer and created next generation music. Next generation, since we know by now, electronic created and generated music became very dominant; Not only with many top x bands using electronic systems and computers, but with the electronic dance segment becoming a dominant style, especially with the younger generations.

It is not the 100% electronic part that makes Kraftwerk so relevant for todays electronic music, but it is the music itself this German quartet created. Their music contains so many elements todays electronic (dance) music productions and entire styles and genres are based on, like techno, electro, ambient and so on. Back then the synth was playing a major role, something what we also hear in music from the 80s. But even today, the synth is playing an important role in electronic (dance) music; however the sounds produced by the synth can be quite diverse today and has to a lesser extend the typical synth sound used back in the days.

After two decades making constant new marks in the music industry with their many production, in the 90s Kraftwerk took a step back and we didn't hear a lot from them anymore. However, many artists in the electronic dance music world (those times this style/genre was more underground than main stream) started to create and produce music, inspired by Kraftwerk.

Fortunately, in the new millennium, Kraftwerk started to make appearances again. Touring the world using the modern technologies available, but still staying close to their origin. I was so pleased I could attend one of their first concerts in Amsterdam in their new tour series (this must be something like 1,5 decade ago by now) since I only knew them from LPs and CDs; Never ever heard them live until sometimes early 21st century. From all the concerts I've been to, this one I still remember the most vivid; It was so impressive for me to see and hear them live!

Without further ado, today I share with you an album I really love. It was their 4th album ever, and those who know Kraftwerk, may already have guessed by now I'm talking about "Autobahn" (German for: "Highway").

Artist: Kraftwerk
Album: Autobahn
Year: 1974
Country: Germany



Kometenmelodie 1
Kometenmelodie 2









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Thank you very much for your post. My all first Vinyl of electronic Musik was Kraftwerk - Mesnchmaschine. After i was getting this record i know where my way would go. Thanks for your Post and sharing.

How cool you started of with Kraftwerk!

Is there anybody not knowing Kraftwerk...??? ;-)
I can't imagine!

I like to believe so, but I know we are wrong in that assumption! Recently I encountered someone from my own generation who didn't know Jean Michel Jarre; Another big influencer on electronic music of today.

Great post...i liked it so much

You're Welcome

Very nice, Kraftwerk is this a kind of Sound?

I do not understand you question; Hit the play button and listen for yourself.