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I've posted more often about one of my all time favourite electronic producers, Jean Michel Jarre. But that cannot and does not stop me to post another album of this magnificent musician. From 1973 he defined the landscape of electronic music. Since 1973 he presents us with fantastic productions. Not that many others were and are able to continuous make marks in and continuous has impact on the music industry.

One of his most well known albums is probably "Oxygèn", produced and published decades ago, back in 1976. Since then he released extensions and sequels in 1997, and 2016. A remastered version of his original Oxygèn album was released in 2007.

In 2016 the UK based newspaper The Guardian wrote a great article about this French producer and his work. When you are interested in music, for sure an article I can recommend to read. Just click here.

But all of this aside, Oxygèn is a super album, and I listen this one with great pleasure, still. Even when you are do not know his work, you'll may find one or two tracks that will sound familiar to you.

Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
Album: Oxygèn
Year: 1976
Country: France



Oxygène (Part I)
Oxygène (Part II)
Oxygène (Part III)
Oxygène (Part IV)
Oxygène (Part V)
Oxygène (Part VI)






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This is absolutely crucial artist and milestone album. It has changed my mind completely since when I was kid. And that famous part from "Part II" is the quintessence of the whole genre which was sooo huge back then.

I'm sometimes amazed that the new generation don't know this guy, while they go every weekend to some club or festival where electronic music is played.

Indeed. And the funniest thing about it is that 2 of top 5 musical shows with the biggest audience ever gathered are Jarre's live performances :) I was happy enough see one of these shows -– 20 yrs ago in Moscow. The crowd was about 3.5 million and that was really something :)

You got it, that's what i needed to end this monday!

Good one, mate. :)