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Jean Michel Jarre is one of the electronic music artist I listen to a lot in the 80s. Especially his 'Les Concert in Chine' (Steemit post here), 'Oxygène', 'Equinoxe' and 'Rendez-Vouz' albums where frequent visitors to my tape deck and later my CD player.

Interestingly, mr Jarre first production was a soundtrack and is much more experimental than the rest of his oeuvre. But this soundtrack also has episodes with his typical signature synth sounds and melodies. It is a pleasure to listen to this early works created more than 40 years ago.

  • Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
  • Album: Les Granges Brulées (soundtrack)
  • Year: 1973


Jean Michel Jarre - Les Granges Brulées (1973)
play full album here


La Chanson Des Granges Brûlées
Le Pays De Rose
Une Morte Dans La Neige
Le Juge
Le Car / Le Chasse-Neige
Thème De L'Argent
La Perquisition Et Les Paysans
Les Granges Brûlées
Descente Au Village
La Vérité

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I was at his Rendezvous concert in Houston in 1986. He passed through Denver about a month ago. He put on a great show, but there was not a very big. The light show fur the concert was incredible.

wow, you were able to go to his concert in his top days! I went to a show early this century and was a bit disappointed. But still, he is a master of music! Like to hear what you think of this album.

Came back to upvote your post. (I was all out of upvotes yesterday when I commented)

I'll give this a listen for sure as I've never heard this album. I'll wait until I can play it on my large soundsystem instead of my headphones at work. Thanks again for the post and your upvotes on some of my past post. Keep up the good work.

Thank you for returning an appreciating my post!

Thanks for the inspiration for this post from his latest concert here in Denver.


You're welcome

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