Jean-Michel Jarre: Les Concerts En Chine 1982 (music and more inside)

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The first ever album of master Jean-Michel Jarre I had in my small and simple HIFI system was the recording of his concert in China in 1982. A special event, since those days the cold war was still ongoing and China was not that open as it is today.

I immediately loved the album - and although quite obvious - only later I discovered part of this recording was his older material, and part of it was new. The new tracks are inspired by Chinese music and sounds and comes out beautifully! The combination made this album such a great one for me. If I wouldn't have had the CD version, but vinyl, it would have been played grey, for sure!

Since I discovered this album, I've been exploring many of his other works, and amongst them some great stuff. But for some reason, it was always this China album I grabbed when I wanted to open a round of master Jarre. Such a special recording! From the many recordings on YouTube, I deliberately took one taken from Vinyl. It gives just that little extra when hearing the needle at the start of the album. I'm not going into the fact vinyl sounds generally better than digitally recorded and mastered CDs, since most of the vinyl advantage are difficult to hear in this recording anyway; But the needle, that one is obvious :)

For those who do not know Jean Michel Jarre. He is a Frenchman and started producing electronic music early 70s. Since then he has been very active with more than 30 albums and is still touring today, almost 70 years of age.

  • Artist: Jean Michel Jarre
  • Album: Les Concerts En Chine
  • Style: Ambient
  • Year: 1982

I can only advise: Hit the play button and enjoy the ride!

Jean Michel Jarre - Les Concerts En Chine (1982)


Equinoxe IV
Jonques De Pêcheurs Au Crépuscule
L'Orchestre Sous La Pluie
Equinoxe VII
Orient Express
Les Chants Magnétiques I
Les Chants Magnétiques III
Les Chants Magnétiques IV
Harpe Laser
Nuit A Shanghai
La Derniere Rumba
Les Chants Magnétiques II
Souvenir De Chine

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One of the very Best!!!

Glad you also like this one! :)

It's one of the most amazing live concerts I have ever seen! Great post !

This is indeed an amazing one. The one I attended myself 10 years or so ago, was not like this one. Listened to some of his recent concerts, and also albums; They are a bit less than what he did those days.

I really wish I could see him again

Wish strong enough, and maybe it'll happen? To be honest, I didn't find his show 10 years or so ago too spectacular. The show I saw of eg Vangelis 25 years ago, outdoor in the middle of Rotterdam at the river flowing through the city, was quit a bit better. But yeh, JMJ music is super nice!

Vangelis and Jarre, can't go wrong with those.

Absolutely! I totally agree, those two (+Kraftwerk) brought me in contact with the more underground and lesser know electronic music, and paved the path to much huge appreciation for Intelligent and Minimal Techno.

I grew up listening to Vangelis and Jarre, THE electronic music pioneers. Kraftwerk was a later discovery for me, along with all the great techno bands of the 80's/90's: the legendary Front 242, KMFDM, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Mentallo & the Fixer, etc...

Same with me wrt Vangelis/Jarre, also Kraftwerk was a little later for me. All these bands I missed, or forgot the names, I was a lot into soundtracks and other more lesser know stuff. In the 90s I discovered Jeff Mills, Kevin Saunderson, Adam Beyer, the techno I loved back then, must be 93 or 94.

Upvoted dear friend....

Thank you! :)

Nice! I've posted a blog myself about a track I've created for which Jean-michel Jarre was also an inspiration! If you like you could check it out at my profile ;)

Thanks for dropping by. Checked your blog and commented.