This Is The Most Important Skill In Life: Time Management

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Time Management

There is actually a purpose for managing your time.

Most people think that managing your time takes a lot of work and will keep you from having freedom but it’s actually the opposite.

Managing your time well actually gives you more freedom and reduces your stress.

It let’s you know what you’re going to do and when you’re going to do it which is great if you’re feeling overwhelmed because you have 30 things to get done today.

If you’re someone that constantly struggles to get things done this will help you lot.

But Time Management Sounds Boring. Why Should I Manage My Time?

In terms of productivity, you’ll be 10 times ahead of everyone else.

It allows you to accomplish more in a shorter period of time which ultimately gives you more free time for yourself.

That extra control that you’ll have over your life will give you more freedom and less stress which will lead you to having a more successful career.

Okay, Now I’m Interested. How Can I Manage My Time Better?

Before you can manage your time like you’re the owner of a billion dollar company, you have to learn to prioritize first.

So first, figure out every task that you have to accomplish today in random numerical order. That might look like this:

Study for Test Next Week (30 minutes)
Pay Phone Bill
Do Laundry
Get Gas for Car
Get Groceries
Watch Show on Netflix (yes, this is a priority for a lot of people)
Go to the Gym for an hour
Now, organize the list by what is the most important. That might look something like this:

Get Gas for Car
Get Groceries
Pay Phone Bill
Do Laundry
Study for Test Next Week (30 minutes)
Go to the Gym for an hour
Watch Show on Netflix (yes, this is a priority for a lot of people)
Priorities will differ from person to person but the main objective for the list will stay the same: Bills, necessities, and long-term goals always top everything else no matter what.

So if you finished six out of seven things on the list and didn’t get to watching Netflix today, it’s not the end of the world.

The less important tasks that don’t get done simply fall onto tomorrow’s to-do list and you do the same thing over again with a new list.

It doesn’t take long at all to get the hang of this and you’ll be proud of yourself that you did it.

So Now I Know How to Prioritize and Create Effective To-Do Lists. Is there anything else to it?

Yes. You want to be on track of everything daily but also monthly and yearly as well.

This is where monthly calendars come in. The calendar that I chose for you is a dry erase board so you can use markers to write on it and not have to purchase new paper calendars constantly which saves you money in the long term (since this blog is all about saving money).

So now you can keep track of holidays, birthdays, appointments, and events, months ahead in time.

Just about everyone that is successful or studies business owns a calendar and uses it every day.

Next time you’re talking to someone who makes a lot more money than you just ask them how they manage their time.

All you have to do now is check your daily to-do list and your calendar every day, get things done, and edit them based on your priorities.

You’re one step closer to financial freedom. Good Luck.


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Nice post relsserd! Managing time is very worthwhile. If you spend too much time on one thing, nothing much more than the will get accomplished. Laziness kicks in with no plan. Best wishes!

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yes time is valuable for Our busy life.
So it's good to use time.
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