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When i was a newbie i remember how excited i was to take write my first post in steemit. It was not my one post anyway, after my account got approved i wrote 5 post straight in one day because i was so excited to see my earnings. I was amazed with the trending category with thousand of dollars value of every post. I thought, i can earn something like that or maybe 10% of that would be great enough.

After 5 posts, i keep on checking my one by one if there is a little improvement in earnings. I was so disappointed because no one ever upvoted it. hahaha..i can still remember those time, that i was about to quit. I was so hyperactive with my expectation.

I realized that i missed something, i missed my #introduceyourself post. hahaha...Well, it was too late for me to write my self introduction after submitted around 50 articles maybe. So i continue with my journey in steemit hoping that someday i could have a high valued post.

When @surpassinggoogle launched his #untalented, we figured out that this opportunity is really suitable and good for newbies to start their post by joining #untalented. So below, are the best topic to write as newbies.

1) #introduceyourself - Self introduction article

This post is all about your self, your background history, how you end up joining steemit and you can also share your current job and etc. The more you tell about your life story the more your post will be getting more interesting.

Your self introduction is one way of letting the community know about you. Most of self introduction got high valued rewards from whales, as what I've noticed. When you write about your self introduction make sure to use this tag #introduceyourself.

To know more about #introduceyourself related articles: Check this out


2) #untalented-adjustments - This is all about your self before and after joining steemit

This topic was made by @surpassinggoogle. This will help individual to realize and evaluate those changes in their life from the time they are not in steemit and after they joined steemit.

If there are adjustments happened to your life even a small thing, i could be a little changes as well. You can share it by joining untalented-adjustments. Why this topic is a good start for newbie? So you will evaluate how steemit change the life of everyone who joined the platform. And as well as, you can evaluate yourself how steemit change you.

If you want to read some other #untalented-adjustments: check this out

You can start with the title like:

##untalented-adjustements by @surpassinggoogle - ( Title here )

note: Untalented-adjustements is not a one time post, it never mentioned that you can submit once. If you have more adjustments that you would like to share, you are free to do so.

3) @teardrops by @surpassing google - Its all about the story of your life that made your a @teary eyes.

@teardrops is a topic that will surely touch the hearts of the readers, because this topic will be more about yourself. It will focused on those @tears that had happened in your life. It could be a tears of joy or sorrow. You have to share and get a good value of upvotes.

#teardrops helps individual to share their tears in life for the purpose of strengthening their ego and might as will motivating readers and other writers. Sharing your teardrops story is something that you are telling people on how these tears changed you and how these tears helps you to move forward.

You have the chance to be featured on @teardrops account of @surpassinggoogle and get high value to your post. Check out @teardrops account for more info click here.

Tips: When you write your @teardrops, better include an artistic drawing of a teary eye. Could be your own perspective depending on it will relate to your story. In writing @teardrops it could be in any form, like poetry or even use your own dialect.

Check the examples below:
#teardrops SMT , Working mom's dilemma:Motherhood is the hardest thing and the greatest thing.
#teardrops token, rewarding proof of tears by @surpassinggoogle - Ang Aking Ina Na Di Ko Unang Nakasama (A Poem)
Teardrops: Just love | @dionardronquillo
#teardrops SMT , @teardrops of an abused nature and crying mother earth!

Why these topics are the best way to write as your first 3 articles?

It is easily to be curated by @surpassinggoogle, you will get high valued post to help you motivated to continue sharing and writing good quality article.

As i continue to mentor newbies i always encouraged them to write these topics as their first 3 post, maybe not in just one day but at least this will be their guidelines of what are the best topic to start.

Our mentor @surpassinggoogle has been very supportive of our group and other groups too. Please support him as a witness by voting him at and type in "steemgigs" at the first search box.
If you want to give him witness voting decisions on your behalf, visit again and type in "surpassinggoogle" in the second box as a proxy.
Others that are good: @beanz, @teamsteem, @good-karma,, @esteemapp, @hr1, @arcange @bayanihan, @acidyo, @anomadsoul, @steemitph, @henry-grant and @paradise-found, also the many others who have visited My posts. Pls. support them too. I am grateful for that and for everyone who has helped me and my friends. Thank you very much.

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Wow nice guide for newbies thank you sir Bob.
Thanks too for featuring my

in this article.

nice guide for the newbies hope they read it

Ako bai sa bag-o pako sa steemit daghan kaayo ko nga stupid post hehe hangtod karon magkatawa lage ko walay mo upvote sako post ako title layo ra sa content pagka bahak lage

Got a new idea from you to share to my fellow Steemian here in Thailand.. 😊

Great advice for newbie's!

I am thinking to quit as newbie 😂but suddenly, it caught my attention. Thank you sir @bobiecayao for the motivation :)