#teardrops SMT , Working mom's dilemma:Motherhood is the hardest thing and the greatest thing.

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I am sorry that mommy has to work.

I am sorry if I say "gikapoy kaayo ko mga anak " (I'm so tired)
every time you ask me to play with you.

I am sorry that other kids get to have their moms drop them off and pick them up from school.

I am sorry that I sometimes feel like I see the screen of my phone more than your beautiful eyes.

I am sorry that I cry myself to sleep more nights than I can count
because I don't know how to win at motherhood.

I am so guilty...

But no matter how sorry I am,
I am also thankful.

Thankful everytime you say "I love you, mommy!" out of the blue.

But I am most thankful that when I squeeze your hand too tight on the way to my work
you squeeze mine right back, harder.

I love you Psalm Rodzell and Zenroe.


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as I write this so much love and so much hope that only a mother can fully comprehend... thank you so much @surpassinggoogle for this SMT token.

Reading your article, it is full of emotion. Also you can felt the love of a mother. Which is an unconditional love for her family. Very nice article you got.

Thank you.. The guilt and the feeling of being inadequate, yet physically incapable to achieve our own expectations. I feel that every time , but I don’t beat myself up at the end of the day , there’s no such thing as perfect parenting , we just do our best to deal whatever cards we are given.

Thanks @bobiecayao you can relate soon... Hehe

superb, loved it 👍👌👏

Thank you so much.. That guilty feeling though..
But seeing my kids growing beautifully that means I am doing something right.. Hope so 😊

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