TIL what JAM is and you might be surprised by the answer.

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The Boring Bit

The Chancellor of the Exchequer in the UK will be presenting his Autumn Statement tomorrow (Wednesday 23rd November). It has been all over the radio.

Excerpt and image from a BBC article on it:

What's the point of it?

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, will update MPs on the government's taxation and spending plans, based on the updated economic projections provided by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) - a body set up in 2010 to provide independent economic forecasts.

Handsome fellow.

Is my Breakfast Under Attack?

If you have been listening to this you may have heard about him looking at tackling JAMs.

I was at first confused as to what the heck they were talking about? Is this a new tax on fruit based preserves?

The answer is no.

JAM is an abbreviation for Just About Managing.

It is referring to people who are just managing to get by but are very sensitive to even slight changes to their circumstances which could push them into real difficulties.

So now you know your "jam" is not under threat even if you yourself may be J.A.M.


It was also a great excuse for beautiful photos of delicious jams.


This is fig jam (not J.A.M. - it is too posh to be just about managing. It drives an Audi R8.)

These are the cool jams having a party. You will see them posting about their lives on Instagram. They might also be just about managing (i.e. J.A.M.s) BUT they will never admit to it.

I can't think of something funny to say about this but it does look delicious.


These happy people may be J.A.M.s but they are not jams although they might enjoy jam for breakfast.

I don't remember cereal being so exciting when I was a kid. Plus I had to put it in the bowl myself.

I love the way the little girl is staring her fake "Dad" out in this photo. It's like she is going to kill him after the photo has been taken.

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"I love the way the little girl is staring her fake Dad" -- me too!
Nice post -- but now I have a craving for some jam...

Me too. I love strawberry jam and marmalade (does that count?). Would love some of that fig jam too but I don't have any at home. To be honest this was just an excuse for food porn and to give me an excuse to eat jam.

I don't have in the house, either. Im seriously thinking about going out to get some :))!!

I love figs too. Did you know they have a wasp inside them? It is how they get fertilised. That put me off them for a while but they are too delicious.

So you're saying when I eat a fig.., Im eating wasp poop..?

Not really. Well maybe a microscopic amount. The wasp crawls inside, dies and gets broken down by enzymes in the fruit while it ripens - they also get rid of any microbes I think. That is why there isn't a little wasp in the middle if you rip them open. Also these are not those giant English or American wasps that try to mug you for your Coke in theme parks- they are actually absolutely tiny and quite fragile.

...It's like she is going to kill him after the photo has been taken.

and... cut.
OUCH! :-p

: )

Ok why does everyone in those pictures with the kids look so happy and awake? More importantly, why are their kitchens so clean? Why isn't everyone rushing not to be late? Oh it's a fantasy. I see.

Yes a fantasy or they are all high on Ritalin and Prozac.

Why not both?

Could be:)

They look way too damn happy... Except that little girl - she looks like she's thinking - "What the f**k did you just say to me fake Dad." :))

Yes that little girl is actually an "enforcer" for the mob. The dad is going to get it Joe Pesci style (like in Goodfellas).

He'll never see it coming...

Lol. Actually I think deep down he knows his fate and has just accepted it.

That Cherry jam looks sweet!
can you get me her number?

I could but she has expensive tastes. Would you be able to keep up with that?

This post is amazing. JAM SESSION!

Lol. Thanks. I think craving sugar and repeatedly hearing the word "JAMs" on the radio are a dangerous combination! It is MK Ultra level programming.

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Thank you:)

I don't have a good comment about J.A.M. but I will say that the pictures of the jams especially the 8 jams in those little cups look really delicious!

Plus your thumbnail is of strawberry jam, and that reminds me of my grandmother who always made strawberry jam every fall when I was a little kid. I miss that jam (and her too of course).

Thank you. It is amazing how tastes (and smells) can remind us of our childhood. I remember my late grandfather whenever I smell coffee - he was a high court judge and use to take me to his very old fashioned coffee room where they (judges) would all get together and read newspapers and discuss the news. I remember those smells with great fondness - plus they used to have awesome club sandwiches.

Even thought shop bought Jam won't be the same as what your grandmother made - perhaps the smell and taste takes you back to those memories of her? Our lost love ones live on in us through our memories.

Thank you for sharing.

Where's @jamtaylor when we need him?

Lol yes this was perfect for him:)

Jam is my favorite sweet. Great post.

Thank you. Yes it is delicious on fresh toast - I have it with butter on too but I know some people find that a bit too rich.