TIL that people really love their pets!

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My family and I don't really participate in Black Friday shopping all that much. In fact we don't do it at all except for maybe the occasional purchase online. However, yesterday (Black Friday) we noticed that our poor Horned Lizard and Arizona Toad (you can read about them in some of my previous posts) had not eaten in a little longer than usual, so we decided we would have to get them food, today.

So, we went to the place that we always go to in order to get them their food, Petsmart. Only Petsmart would look very different today than any other time we have ever gone there. We got there shortly after the store opened yet there was still a line at the front door... I couldn't believe it. Are people really this excited to get good deals for their pets?!

When we got inside, the shelves were mostly bare. There were "sales" signs everywhere and everywhere there was empty shelf space. The store itself was packed with people. They were carrying dog beds, cat beds, dog toys, fish aquariums, and in some cases... dogs and cats themselves!

I knew some stores get down right crazy on Black Friday, I was didn't know Petsmart was one of them. After what seemed like an hour, we were able to get out of there with our crickets and mealworms for our precious creatures. A trip that normally takes less than 15 minutes by the way...

My big takeaway... people really do love their pets! 

Does anyone have any crazy pet stories they would like to share? Leave em in the comments section!

Live well my friends!

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Im sure quite a bit of it is people buying gifts for pets.

But there are also two other types of people in pet smart.

  1. People buying gifts for friends/family that have pets. Most of the gifts I get for the holidays and my birthday are dog related, because everyone knows that my dog is such a huge part of my life. I think a lot of people know one or more of "that guy" who if you get him a gift for his pet you really just can't go wrong.

  2. People planning to buy pets as gifts for their kids (and picking up the supplies to have on hand).


Good point. What kind of dog do you have? My dad is one of "those guys"...


I have an American Akita.. kind of the supersized version of the doge coin dog.

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We buy dog food, faithfully. :)
But mainly we love having the dog around. She's almost always within sight when I'm home, often laying within a few feet. Yep, we love our pet.


That is very nice! My dad treats his dogs like his kids... they replaced us since we moved away :)

Some people have just their pets in their life, it is their friends and family. And you got to see all those people at Petsmart that day.


I think you are right! Thanks for reading!

I can believe it! People sometimes think more of their pets than they do people.


I like my dog way better than i like most people


haha I think a lot of people would say that!


I think you are right! I couldn't believe the lines or the amount of things people were buying!

My dad had a custom-made license plate holder for his old diesel wagon that said "The Ike-mobile". Ike was his greyhound that he used to take for rides to a local dairy farm for the exclusive purpose of buying him some soft-serve vanilla ice cream. Later, when Ike got bone cancer, he used to drive him to a specialist four hours away on a pretty regular basis until the cancer finally won out. Man, did he love that dog so much.


Wow that is amazing! I'm sorry to hear that.

I thought my grandparents and father were the only ones that took their dog for a ride to go get ice cream... :)


Ha ha, nice to hear there are others out there...Don't even get me started on Sherman the cat and his deli-sliced turkey that I was not allowed to eat!

I make my living based on that level of pet care... I'm a pet sitter. LOL! Since Thursday, I've logged 185 miles going from house to house to do meals, walks, potty breaks, and cuddlefests. By tonight, that will easily top 200.

I'll let you in on a secret... a LOT of people treat their pets better than their kids. Oh, and the pets get away with a LOT more mischief. Totally unfair, but often true.


That is crazy! Thanks for sharing though and glad you make it work for you!


Yeah, holidays are nuts. Everybody either traveling, partying, or shopping. I've got my regular standing appointment folks plus the holiday-out-of-town folks, too. Started the biz in Nov '09, so I'm used to it by now. My definition of a day off is - I don't have to put shoes on. Hehehehe....

Yes, Pets Shop is one of the Biggest industry. Depending on your location.


I didn't realize how big... but you are right, most of the pet owners I know would do or spend anything for their pets... I hadn't really thought about it till now.

Always keep a good supply at home to prevent having to be forced to endure similar nightmare.


That is a good idea! Unfortunately for my toad and lizard we have a hard time keeping a supply of crickets at the house for them :)