TIL About A "Bolder Wagen"

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Today, I learned about a "Bolder Wagen" ("Bolder Wagen" , no, I didn't misspell it - it's Dutch.) or an Electric Hand Cart.

I was busy when hub said; I should check out what's on the facade. When he does that am sure that's something I shouldn't miss cause it's either something funny, new or unusual. This is what I saw.

Taken with a Samsung Galaxy A3 2016 and ony shared in Steemit.

It's the first time I have seen it. Day care centers use this to bring kids to shops to buy them food during recess. Every kid has a seat belt they could wear on their hips to keep them on their seats. Since it easily gets dark here, it has a front and rear lights as well as turn signals and a bike bell.

It could go 15 km/hr the fastest. I saw it took off and hub and I had quite a laugh at how slow it went and I surfed the net to see how they call that. It's new. They used to use a hand cart which is pulled by two adults and this one is another product of their innovative geniuses.

The plastic roofing is detachable and is very handy to keep the passengers dry for it is often pouring on this side of the earth. The height of the segway matched with the cart provides the driver a good view of the road and the kids inside keeping them all safe. The designer took the traffic rules and situation in schools into consideration when they executed the design. Driving on curved pavements is also a piece of cake for this vehicle because it's maneuverable . It was fashioned to be so - to be able to meet the number 1 traffic rule in the Netherlands - "Hinder no one on the road, bring no one in danger when on the road."

In summer, we get plenty of sunshine so the plastic roofing comes off. It goes on the bike path and may only use the pedestrian lane to cross on the road.

It may park on normal parking areas though.

Is there anything such as this in your country? What's the traffic like in schools near where you live? Do transpo -designers take kids' safety or everyone's safety in consideration on your side of the earth?

BREAKING NEWS: The Winners of The Steemit Culinary Challenge shall soon be announced.

I usually blog about cooking, gardening and photography and if you happen to be interested in all of those, too .


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That would be pretty nice for a lot of uses. Very innovative! I wonder if it has a souped-up battery pack in it, or is it just a regular Segway setup.

@haphazard-hstead It probably has :)

Did not know these excisted.

@oaldamster - 1st time I saw that, too.
I used to just see the ones being pulled.

Yes, those are common here too 'bolderkar'. Not seen these ones yet.

The traditional "bolderwagen" is pulled by hand and has no roof, I never saw the modern equivalent before.

@ocrdu - I used to just see this parked near the grocery store next to us.
That was the 1st time I saw that, I thought take a pic of for the photo challenge but the kids didn't get off - just the driver so no luck to take pics - that 1st pic up there's taken through our slightly tinted glass window.

Whats TIL?

Today I Learned :)

@diyfun - Today I Learned - so in your case - TYL - Today you learned , you're not alone - I didn't know that either till they've made a post about it.

oh that Bolder Wagen is unique :D

@levycore, thanks!

nice video also

@royalmacro thanks, it's sourced though, not mine :)

very cool video ,I think the kids loved riding in it .

@me-tarzan video's sourced but you are right the kids look like they were having a blast specially when the driver arrived they were clapping and it got louder when they left

Oh... where does one get one of these?

@ace108 only in The Netherlands ;)

oh well.

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