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"Without privacy there was no point in being an individual."

I believe the pendulum is swinging back towards privacy. If you are in crypto currency and manage your own finances then security is paramount. When my friend Cindy Zimmerman launched Tigo CTM I knew that I wanted to be part of it.

The systems will be running Gentoo Linux with the Guld operating system. Learn more about the Guld OS

The Tigo CTM ICO is live now. It is different than other ICO's because you are buying a coupon towards a future purchase of a Tigo CTM device. The tokens/coupons will be tradeable. Currently the discount is 40%.

All devices will be manufactured in Panama within the Panama Pacifico Free Zone.

Click Here TigoCTM ICO


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If you don't have security then your future is not permanent good.
Thanks for the informative post.


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security very important ,

very informative post with nice ico news. impressive work @hilarski


@hilarski - Sir of course, security is the most important thing.... So, the bring ICO to enhance the security products.... It's wonderful news & best theme for an ICO Sir..... Nice you decided to share it Sir....

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'All devices will be manufactured in Panama within the Panama Pacifico Free Zone.'

All are Panama products. Therefore, excellency is there. Interesting concept & excellent article about it~

I believe the pendulum

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Oh yeah, by the very idea, I understand that these devices will be coming soon and they will fit not only to computers, but also smartphones and cash registers. The security system is very important now and I hope this will be the optimal solution. Thank you @hilarski and keep us informed!

great information @hilarski. good post

great sharing,thanks for the post

ctm new devices! great hilarski

Crypto Teller Machine Pre Order _ They got plans till 2019 now. Seems they got a strong perception. Thank you for giving us an opportunity to be a part of this project.

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Hello @hilarski,

Extraordinary good ICO update. Without security we all can be doomed.


Thanks for updating us...There is no doubt that Online Privacy and Security is must for Online Specially Financial data storage.

Thanks for updating Tigo ctm ICO @hilarki. That's a best place for pre ordering Laptops, smart phones, tablets and crypto teller machines. Very smart interface here.

The best secure place to online pre orders. Nice creativity site. Awesome..
Thank you @hilarski giving valuable info.


thanks for sharing about tigoctm as security is the heighest priority when we involve in cryptocurrency.


TigoCTM ICO online privacy and security system. Important information with nice source images.

"Without privacy there was no point in being an individual."
They got a nice theme! Thank you for sharing this information! I will try this out! Very useful ICO update friend! Keep it up!


Security dealing with crypto currency is truly paramount thatz why most of crypto currency websites takes precaution.

This will certainly be amazing im sure of it.

You are a great expert on Bitcoin and new currencies, I am interested for your opinion.
What do you think of this story, I got the information that it is great for investing?

Thanks for the information and great post.
have a nice day

I recently found out, that my friend was being hacked and lost some coins. Security is number one priority, specially in "crypto" world.

Congratulations @hilarski

Exceptional article about TiGoCTM ICO project. You described about it's features well. Excellent post with lots of information...!!!

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Privacy is another name of individuality.yes we are dealing here in cryptocurrncy market, and we have our choice to invest in various ways, so security and privacy is very important for us to achieve success. Thanks for sharing such a valuable lesson to the people. You are fantastic friend, take care.

Looks promising, indeed privacy & security is very important for everyone.

Online Privacy and Security need all of us.

I'll watch this with interest. I'm always looking to improve my privacy and security!

I like this trend. People do not realize how important privacy is. So, with this ICO you are essentially "pre-ordering" a physical device before launch?

Very interesting concept i think will be a profitable investment supported by technology

This is going to be great :)

Great idea. You will make a lot of money from this. Confidentiality has always been a huge demand. Good luck to you.


That looks quite promising as a security concern. We will be loving it.

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i was just pondering about howmuch less privacy we have in our world today. once you get into the systems such as social media-facebook etc you become an open book . A snooping agency can gain access to your info if they " need to". its becoming easy to know alot about a person through social media.
i hope we can get more privacy somehow where our information becomes controlled more by the individual than government or someone else.