Tonight is the Launch Party for GuldCoin by Ira Miller.

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Here is a Portion of a Presentation by Ira Miller on Consensus and Governance with Guld.


Proof of Work, as exemplified by Bitcoin, can be mathematically sound, but is not flexible. The governing contract aka protocol must be strictly laid out from the start.

We'll skim over pure Proof of Stake examples for now, but loosely defined, they are plutarchies, where the rich get more voice.

Flexible and effective blends are being created by communities like Dash, who have a mixed PoW & PoS governance system, with complex services and contracts at the network level.

2017-06-07 10_29_41-Consensus & Governance by isysd.png

Directed Acyclic Graph is one directional, building off of earlier records.

"Blocktree" taxonomy is for the structure of data inside each DAG block (git commit).

Each record in the blocktree is attached to a single parent "Observer" similar to a leaf on a branch. Detach the branch, or the leaf from the branch, and the leaf will fall off the tree.

"Truth" is not meant to be absolute truth, but accepted consensus. For the settlement of all agreements and disputes, observation of a truth must be sufficient.

PGP keys are how identity is proven.


The blocktree is the agreed upon taxonometric model for a relativistic "perspective" of human reality.

At the personal level, the blocktree can be customized with different domains of thought and reality.


Practically, however, different observers need a precise common language to discuss and compare their perspectives. They may then build on each other's observations in a shared feedback loop.

Proof of other person's existence. Assumption: asynchronous cryptography

  1. Green observes thought A, of which purple is unaware.
  2. Green records their observation of thought A, along with public key Gkey.
  3. Purple observes green's record of thought A, learning about it, and green, for the first time.
  4. Purple deduces that green is another unique observer, since purple still can not reproduce Gkey's signature of thought A from before purple knew of it's existence.


Multi-level proofs are now possible, as interactions between the two people. Our observer can prove that green person has accepted his status as another living being, and that green person has a similarly shaped concept of community. Maybe those hearts fit together.


The community builds on member observations according to an accepted social contract to publish a blended perspective. This social contract is created and enforced by the participant observations, as they will observe any discrepancies from the code.

Ultimately, if a community member does not behave according to the code, their voice in the community may be removed, by a universal refusal to accept their observations. This could be done by de-linking them from the "life" branch, declaring them "dead" to the community.


Here we have examples of different communities, with different legal codes.

On the left, the "Red Queen" community takes inputs from both blue and red, but only outputs red's opinion.

On the right, we have a democratic community, were each member, like green, get's exactly 1 vote.

In the middle, a mixed community with a queen, her subject, and a democrat. They agree to pre-determined, or algorithmically defined shares in the communal output.

Not shown here: each community may restrict it's perspective to certain domains, such as technology, or whether or not blue gets to keep her head.


Proof of Labor might not simply be a flexible way to organize your community and thoughts, it might be a law of physics.

As far as we can tell, reality is inseparable from observation. Observation may create reality, in which case, our blocktree may become the real computation of all of human truth. All through accepting each other's thoughts and observations as valid.

2017-06-07 10_36_43-Consensus & Governance by isysd.png

What is Guld?


Example Blocktree on Guld.

Enter Plato's Cave at

Follow Ira Miller on Twitter at @IRavageCoins
Follow GuldCoin on Twitter at @GuldCoin

Our Affiliation with Guld and Ira Miller.

Ira is a friend of ours located here in Panama. He has founded and worked on many of the great projects you know and love. We have had the great pleasure of getting to know Ira over the last two years and have worked on a few projects with him. Now it is time for his passion, Guld to be unleashed. Over the next few months you will have the opportunity to see some amazing tech come to the world of Crypto Currency. @AnaHilarski and I are both proud to be part of it!

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Looks very interesting. Will review further when time permits!

Awesome post. I quickly skimmed over it and will check back in later and give it another read though. Thanks

Awesome. I really have to dig deeper in that. I can feel this will get really huge :-)

Just a little to complicated for my brain to soak up in one read, I will have to do more reading on the subject. Cheers


RandyHilarski Randy Hilarski tweeted @ 07 Jun 2017 - 15:56 UTC

Tonight is the Launch Party for @GuldCoin by Ira Miller @iravagecoins

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i will be investing some on this ! ty for the great post


Me too, tokens will be available soon. I don't have an exact date yet.

I don't like the website itself.
Cannot scroll, slow phase of presentation.
My personal opinion,
Maybe the coin is good.


It will get there, nothing being sold so no need to have a website like an ICO has.


It was not meant to be critical, success with what you do :-)

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Thank you. Going back to study.


Yup, it is on a whole other level but it is definitely worth diving into.

Interesting information, thanks for sharing. Now I'll have to do my homework!

It looks interesting. The idea has potential. I will probably buy some coins when they will be available for sale. Thank you for sharing

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Very informatif. Resteem

I'd suggest one minor correction, re directed acyclic graphs: "Detach the branch, or the leaf from the branch, and the branch/sub-tree (not just leaf) will fall off the tree."