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Good morning darlings and welcome to another exciting episode of #throwbackthursday. It's a #throwbackthursday of gratitude to God for how far I have come. It's a gratitude post to him for keeping me safe even when I didn't know what being safe meant.


This a throwback to over 20+ years ago when baby Grace was less than 6 months old. She was a happy baby who never had anything to worry about. All she wanted from life then was to eat, sleep, wake up and repeat the cycle again.

She found love in the arms of mum and dad and to her this was all the love she needed. She never cared about shelter nor clothing, mum and dad won't fail her.

Baby grace.jpg

She didn't know who God was but at least there was this conviction that someone was looking after her. Little wonder she could put anything in her mouth and was never worried if that could be poisonous.

My #throwbackthursday is dedicated to me.

I am grateful to God for how faithful he has been. He kept me safe and alive in good health up to this moment. I'm grateful that I have the best parents on earth. I am grateful for my siblings. I am grateful for friends that turned family.

I am grateful that I will be a year older in 2 days. I can't thank him enough. He knew me before I was born, and He named me.

Join other Steemians all over the world(that knows about Steemit) every Thursday and tell us a little about your past. Show some gratitude. Reminisce loudly.

This is my #throwbackthursday story, I want to see yours too. Take us on a walk through your past....

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Last week was the eighth edition and I was really wowed by the stories I saw. Thanks to you all for making this more fun. These are the names of all that participated last week.

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Let's Get the full package on steemit... Let's have some healthy fun💃💃💃💃
Tell us your story.

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Everyday of my life, I yearn to make people happy. I want to be the reason someone in another continent smiles. I want to be the reason someone in another country, village, city is able to pay their tuition or that of their child/children.
I hope soon enough the worth of my upvote on people's post will be enough for them to buy a meal. I hope that someday, the worth of my upvote will be enough to fund projects.
I want to make people feel so much love. I am already doing that, I hope that soon enough I will be able to reach more people.

Thank you for participating and Thank you for reading.

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Hello @gee1.How are you doing? I missed the last Thursday episode of this series due to issue with my laptop. But I had to use my phone this time around just because I don't want to miss this too. I'm one of your good fan that loves this series and will always do.
This is my entry for this week. You will love it :

Also, I really love this your epic throwback. It shows the beauty has always been there since childhood. Lol.
One love dear and keep shining.

I know it's late, Nepa finally brought light 😔

Enjoy mates

I have no doubt where your beauty came from, you're beautiful right from when you're just a baby. I love your pics. Maybe I should change your name to pretty, what do you think? Lol.

I came very late last week so I decided to be the first today, here is my entry

I think so too.
Thanks love 😍 😍 😍

I love your through back story,God is really with little children because the put almost everything in their mouth.

Yeah he is with little children always.

Wow! See baby grace, a happy baby indeed.
Happy birthday in advance, may you continue to be happy.

Happy birthday in advance. May children are great, It is getting clearer.
I was also born in the month of may

When is your birthday dear?

Sorry for the late response jor..May 25th

God has truly being with you right from birth, and by the way you look [email protected]

Thank you

Awww...I love this 😍😍
I should totally participate 🙈🙈
My first time though ....
Forgive my untalented post when you see it lol

Welcome on board darling

Thanks ❤️❤️

i just voted your post and also followed you am new in steemit you can do thesame

Lol..... Love the cheeks

Awww.... Baby grace is now a fine Anty.

Hahahahaha fun lady!. You have always been cute, and i will always say that. This is not just throw back, this is thrown back. Hahaha. Love it. is mine.

Didn't realise how much fun this would be until I had to really throw back and reminisce the memories...Thanks @gee1 it is fun

You are welcome darling

This pic is really way back when pic! Look at you! So tiny and lovely. Lol

See my own oo

Here is my entry for today, im new here and i see that its full of fun. Hope i'm not too late.

And am sure she knows how to cry then too😂😂

Here's my own throwbackthursday story

nice throwback pic i just upvoted and followed you do well to follow me too

Not at all. Welcome on board.

Happy birthday in addy sweety
Drop mine soon😘😘

Baby Grace, welcome to Steemit!