New Steem - Let's Talk About It

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New Steem - Let's Talk About It
I talk about the EIP, what I see is happening and as a content creator & curator what is my personal experience on #NewSteem

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~Smartsteem Curation Team

  ·  14 days ago (edited)

naaaw, how cute... 3 words and an emoji makes more than most peoples POSTS they spend an hour on.


this took me 2 hrs to write, yet look at the rewards? ( yes, its a repost )

We believe @theycallmedan that you are one of those people who have put your heart here, you have helped many people grow and also improve their content, the #newsteem is an opportunity for everyone, if we remember the past just to improve what So far, we have made time to work as a team and make this place a high impact social network. Sometimes most people think that when there are few people it is because it is running out, however, we as Christians think there is a time to renew itself, and this is the time to build the platform we want.


I´m totally agree with you @theycallmedan and thank you so much for opened my eyes and my mind one more time...

man i love your optimism and energy when speaking :D

I wish there was a way to clone you or something man. Newsteem? I love it. Simple as that. Some authors may struggle, but just like you said, it is the perfect timing for them to show up, put in a little more effort and reintroduce themselves to everyone around.

Hey, along with that team of curators you are about to hire, how about a hungry dev too, to spot those know what's coming next...

Have a great one man!

I have a few hungry devs and we are cooking something sweet. :) Cheers mate

Ha! I knew it. Was just checking 😀

So I haven't logged into Steem for several months now. What the heck is #newsteem? Is this about SMT? Or something different? What changed? Everything looks the same to me!

Welcome back! The technical details of New Steem can be found here - BTW the term New Steem I believe was a termed dubbed by community member @whatsup & it stuck. What happened on Steem was the PoB algo was tweaked, giving 2.5 free DVs (resulted in a lot of abuse being reversed) 50/50 curation (we are seeing curators come out of the woodworks now!) and the curve, which is pretty technical and best to read the link above, but basically the curve was to go after micro spam by reducing rewards on low rewarded post and giving more rewards to higher paid out post.

Ah, thanks for the info! I also see threespeak is new (well to me it's new) must be an alternative to dtube?

I will read the post you sent.

3speak is a video hosting website. is the official launch post of 3speak if you want to learn more about how the site works. Cheers!

Cool, ty.

I’ll keep this comment short.

I am delighted for the #NewSteem

I could talk about how detailed the new progress is.

I could talk about how I've quite literally gone from ZERO to 6-figs in less than 6 months on steemit.

I could talk about how anybody from a redfish to a whale can blog through this #NewSteem and get massive value from it.

But you already know all that.

You know that this #NewSteem will give you the skill set you need to be successful with starting an online money making day in day out blog.

So now’s the time to make the choice.

Yes or no?

If you act too late, you may regret it.

Now’s the time to go all in.

Head to #newsteem and #3speak before its too late.

In the spirit of new steem I can tell we've been reborn and so has been your priorities, it's imperative we protect this place, and a downvote is not essence not to abuse but yo curb and to keep a certain kind of check and balance on the chain and for this I applaud you. And you're right that curve is what it is, we can't keep looking at it because it's now the change we would do well to be accustomed to. In essence we'd see really interesting days to come despite all odds. In essence I thank you a million times for your efforts and actions in keeping here spick and span

As you said #NewSteem.

Everything is new.

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Dan a specific question: If I want to follow everything you vote on because I trust your judgment, what's the best way to do that? I see a favorite Curator section on Steempeak but I've not figured out how to put people in there! - There are other ways but this is the one I know how to use. Cheers!

Hopefully the new Steem will be more attractive to investors, and that it will bring improvements for those who make up the community. I can see that when I replay the comparison of my rewards

"New Steem is Here" Agreed! :)

New Steem is kicking ass and taking names!

Keep it up man. The rest of us will do our part the best we can. ;)

Cheers mate!

Cheers dan.

I'm glad hardfork 22 is live

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Great video man, especially after the hardfork downtime.

I agree with @mindtrap is there anyway we can get a bunch of theycallmedan's here? LOL

Seriously though, nothing has changed on a creation side for me...You have to have a long term vision for stuff like this, and I'm only in like month Still have a few more years to go before I start judging my invested time and money.

As for curation, I always have my circle that I try to upvote but with hf21-22, i'll be spending much more time poking around others content as well.

Nothing better than some coffee in the morning and poking around Steem :)

Coffee + Steem + SP charged is an incredible way to start the day!

Keep it up, friend, thanks to people like you, the little fish are waiting for us and we're still here :,) A hug :3

You did a great explanation and I love it.
Time to make it better like selling a stuff that you want to be sold out. Thrnk you so much for being a good creator and a curator @theycallmedan

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It's time to join forces and row in the same direction!

I believe #newsteem will be at its peak when we realize that giving away a bit of our rewards (author rewards before HF), engaging and finding good content will benefit us all.

I hope this HF will present to people how working together is something that human race is almost programmed to do and how it will benenfit us all.

I really hope this will be a lecture for all those who are trying to exist alone in this wonderful ecosystem.

We are steem and in team work, there is no '' I ''. Never was, never will be.

Thanks for motivating the people and for being an example how people with power still have heart that guides the brain to new heights. Not just your heights but ours.

Peace yo,

Spacely out.

We're all going to the same moon! :)

Reliability is huge but its not everything.

I like your perspective ! Good one dude

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I think you are spot on in your predictions regarding the succeeding of manual curation and I think the concept of having employed curation teams is bloody genius! Personally I think the changes have displayed some really great positives all round and I believe it will only get better, like you say - once attention is given to "dusty details".

As for the downvoting side of things, I have not as yet downvoted anyone. I have generally avoided conflict here on Steem so am admittedly a little nervous to use it for fear of the repercussions toward me and the already small rewards I earn.... so I am going to have to get around that one in my head lol... But I will say it is nice to see others, like yourself who hold some serious clout - making use of it and issuing a very loud and clear statement.

That said, over all I am really looking forward to the road ahead for Steem!

  ·  13 days ago (edited)

Thanks for shedding some light, i was stuck in a loop of how to compete against auto voting.

@theycallmedan, Yes #Newsteem is new face of Steem and that's the beauty of this space which is evolving and ready for the right Transformation. At this moment only one headache in Paradise is, Downvote aspect and many innocent and genuine bloggers who contributed for this community a lot facing heavy downvotes on their content sounds like injecting virus to spread deep negativity. And we have to stand strong to face these viruses which is here to divide.

I am sharing one of the example towards this subject and this post is shared by @crypto.piotr and in my opinion he raised important question which deserves a thought and not heavy downvotes.

Keep up the good work and stay blessed brother.

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Great comment @chireerocks

Indeed downvotes can be useful and surely that tool allows to get rid of unwanted "bad actors". However many solid content creators are also being targeted and there isn't much anyone can do to stop downvote abuse :(

Thx for bringing it up buddy

Welcome and at least we can try and stand strong together. Stay blessed.

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New steem had some troubles but glad its back up and running time to keep moving forward !

The trending page on acutally got a bit distorted by the "Featured" Posts (how to get there Steem Inc?!). Honestly i really prefer 3Speak Trending than any other interface right now.

This post has been included in the latest edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

I agree @theycallmedan Manual Curation will always beat out Automated Curation just by the reasons you talk about. Thanks for the post my man !! Excellent :)

Once again, you put together an informative and engaging piece to listen to. Thanks to you, I have joined Steemit and I'm going to get involved here with 3Speak as well.

#NewSteem is great and fantastic. Now seems like everyone started liking the new version of steem.

it is difficult for me to distinguish between new and old........except downvoting pool....

My posts, soon after appearing on trending page, got downvoted hard. As much as it annoys me, and as much as I think that it had nothing to with the actual quality, I understand motivation behind such actions. Listening to your post made such point much clearer.

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