1-Hour Video Of 'My Plan For Steem Growth In 2020' & It Is "Surpassing Google With Steem".

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While i have participated in pennsif's contest titled 'Steem2020', this 1-hour video covers my stories and histories in relation to 'steem growth' in general, with especial emphasis on the year '2020'.
Due to my weak state of health, i decided to create a video instead of an article. @pennsif's contest allows for a video or article participation meaning that you can participate too.
I concluded the video by asking support to 'setup a physical hub called 'Macrohard' in the Philippines, to gather programmers/entrepreneurs to build on steem with swag'.
Kindly buy out time to see the video above. It is one hour long but it contains 'your boy terry' all through it.

To read the histories and stories constituting 'surpassinggoogle' in one publication (up to 20,000 words), please this publication:

Support Me To SetUp A Macrohard Hub In The Philippines.

Support My SPS Proposal To 'Set Up A Macrohard Hub In The Philippines To Gather Programmers To Code On Steem With Swag'.

Read the proposal here.
To vote on my proposal via steemconnect, kindly click here.
Or vote using keychain here

Kindly support the 'steemgigs' witness here: 'https://steemitwallet.com/~witnesses'. It is currently ranked '53'.
Your boy Terry

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Tub Cat hopes that your health improves, human.

Tub Cat also believes that 2020 will be a positive year for Steem. Much has improved in recent times.

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Thank you for noticing that health part. That is the part i can't explain enough and one dies inside. Yes, it will be positive in 2020, starting from this year. Communities is already set and that alone will set a vibe in once it is deployed to the UI.

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Thank you for the comment and for the curation as well.

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Steem has 24% dominance in my Crypto Portfolio $steem 💰 ... & I am bullish, its Dominance will continue to grow until Bitcoin Season

As Steemer and philanthropist, i have a curious idea, power up a non-profit portfolio with $steem then just hodl it, to in a future help a lot of people, and educate it on economy and benefits of $crypto to help them grow ♨️🚀🌑

If you struggling with profit-taking in these current market conditions.
Just sell breakouts
Sell spikes
Simply sell any stronger upward movement in price
You'll be surprised how much your portfolio will grow 💯

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Thank you for entering the Steem2020 Contest Terry.

Some great ideas...

Thanks uncle Terry, we got your back. These kids also pray for your fast recovery, we need you here in full strength. You’ve really gone through hard times and we pray it end.

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