How to build and Android application that accepts and prints out data from users.

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Below are the strings for today's tutorial.

    <string name="Reg_WelcomeMessage">Welcome To Registration Page.</string>
    <string name="Reg_Name"><font size="16">What is your name?</font></string>
    <string name="Reg_Age"><font size="16">How old are you?</font></string>
    <string name="Reg_Submit_Btn">Submit</string>
    <string name="Reg_Back_Btn">Back</string>
    <string name="Reg_Country"><font size="16">What country are you from?</font></string>
    <string name="Your_Name_Is">Your name is</string>
    <string name="Yous_Are">You are</string>
    <string name="Years_Old"> years old</string>
    <string name="And_You_Are_From">And you are from</string>


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Obviously this topics need to know to all friends cause this knowledge always helping us to complete blockchain morket our daily activities.

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