My Introduction Video Where I explained What I Would Contributing On 3speak. Y'all should Welcome Me😁

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Hello there, it's been a while since I contributed to the Steem blockchain. To revive my account again, I have decided to join the 3pseak family by making an introduction post explaining what I would be contributing to the platform. If you check my previous contributions on Steem platform, you'd notice that I have never contributed by uploading videos. so, this is my very first time publishing a video on Steem platform via 3speak. Y'all should kindly ignore any error you notice in my video contribution as it's my very first one thanks 😁.

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You're wlecome to the platform. I'm glad you joined the platform. I see that you joined even before than me. 3 years is a lot. I like to follow the early adopters. I'm also here in steem for more than 2 years. Glad to know a developer who know how to create applications in android. Is that free to do with that program ?

Thank you 😊. Yes I have been here since the starting of steemit. I have been off and on. I'm happy to be back.
It's my first time contributing with video.

And yeah, the software is free.

And when the application is ready and already created, can we publish that on the market also for free, or we have to pay google for that ?

Google has a one time $25 registration fee which you need to pay before you can upload an app. Just that.. the rest are free.

Welcome to 3speak mate, definitely a Compelling watch, I'm definitely feeling your niche of programming and other stuff will do absolutely well. And I'm hoping you get the right audience because engagement is king. Welcome again.

Thank you very much for the welcome message. 😁

Welcome to 3spek I guess I will be joining when I get a new device only a few have seen my real face ☺

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