Kotlin Variables - Accepting Inputs From User With Kotlin - Kotlin Basics

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Hello guys, In today's tutorial, I demonstrated how Variables work in Kotlin. I also created a program that accepts inputs from users and then prints the inputs out at the end of the program.
This program will ask for the following when compiled;

  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your country

Our next lesson would be to create an Android application that performs the same task

Thank you' all as you watch.

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Great working bro, i think this features will be satisfy all users, when one input any things he/she print his/her input intruction.its so initiative for all users.

Thanks a lot bro for creating this features, hope next update will be great visio

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Day 1/100 - learning Kotlin booleans, strings, and variables. It’s a challenging language to learn, which makes sense since it’s basically part Java. My head may or may not explode before the #100DaysofCode is over with 🤯

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