Steemfest @ Bangkok-Asia: Your Call To Know The Significance Of Steemfest As Steemians | Let's Have Some Speaks In 3Speak !!!

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Hello Steemians, let's have some speak on Steemfest: Have you grasp your ticket? Why do you wait?
It is just 6th Nov. to 10th Nov. 2019 in Bangkok- Asia.

Knowing the Significance of this years Steemfest:

  • It is a great Adventure
  • It is friends and funs making
  • It is Mentorship
  • It is a great tour
  • It is opportunity time to learn more experience from some of Steemit Achievers to grow our Steemit Business: meeting prominent Steemians like:
    1.@aggroed- Founder of Splinterland, Steem engine & Planet
  1. @elipowell- Managing Director of Steemit.
    3.@andrachy- Content Director of Steemit
  2. @martibis Founder of Steemitworldmap

Guys, let's get the details of how we can get our ticket and registers for this Annual Conference of Steemfest! Follow the Steemfest updates through the link below:

Finally, follow my video and share your thoughts!

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It would be great to attend, God provide you with all the resources so you can attend the festival.

Everything is possible if you can believe ...