Fasting - The Key to a Long, Healthy Life? ft Cedric Dahl

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In this clip from my collaboration with Cedric Dahl in Barcelona, Cedric talks about the health benefits of fasting.

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Hello @louisthomas, how are you doing? Fasting can indeed make us healthier because it can release toxins in the body and make the digestive organs take a break. We are Muslims fast during the month of Ramadan and we feel more refreshed after fasting. Have a nice day.

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Yes. It has good impacts on health. Good topic to discus. Being a greater investor in crypto we need to take care of healtg

Thank you talking about fasting. Its really helpful the Key to a Long, Healthy Life.

Autophagy! It works! I've been intermittent fasting for over 7+ years and damn, I still look young in my 40's haha

I have been doing it for a number of bouts and when able to hold it for an extended period of time I can clearly feel and see the difference. I hope to get back to it soon!

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Fasting has many benefits and top one is that it teach you to have patience. This is number one need of being a successful trader.

Yes. I agreed. Being a muslin we beleive that being fast (Roza) keeps healthy.

Talking about the health benefits of fasting.... a great topic...

Hey @louisthomas, definitely Fasting is a good way to ensure good health. But a good diet and good exercise will be sufficient for a long healthy life

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its not easy, .. but a coffee helps, … I do intermittent fasting and got down to OMAD.

Todo lo que se trate de salud e inteligencia me interesa ya que es base fundamental de vida.Gracias por compartir,muy interesante.