5 Practical Tips to Transform Your Life TODAY ft Cedric Dahl

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In the last of my clips from my collaboration with Cedric Dahl out in Barcelona, Cedric shares 5 very practical and actionable tips that can help transform your life for the better TODAY.

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Iv been trying to find a good refined sugar alternative for a while now. I only use it in my coffee but i just want to find a decent alternative. Its not easy for example i switched to organic natural coconut sugar recently and whilst it might be slightly better its still high in calories. Stevia seems good but carries issues with pesticides i believe. If anyone knows of anything good that is low in calories please comment.

More than 8 hours per night? Haha this guy must not have any kids. Great tips otherwise. Thanks for sharing.

How can a comment collect over one dozen upvotes in one day? I'm impressed.

Good advice, I’ve been off sugar for over two years now. Thanks mike

What ? 8 hours?

I just can not understand this.
I NEVER use alarm clock, but.... more that 7 hours seem to be just unrealistic to me.

Am I been doing something wrong all my life?

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Thanks for enlighten us on stuff like this.

In my opinion life is based on religious guidance and always positive thinking can make life better. Have a nice day, sir.

great tips! Thanks