Islam Is Incompatible With British Values

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A recent poll conducted by RT showed that 48% of British people thought Islam was incompatible with British values.

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The 'democracy' in Britain has been totally fake for at least 100 years. I suggest researching the work of Ivy league historian Carrol Quigley for academic level recounting of the process, people and agenda that set this in place to this day.

Absolutely Right you said. @ura-soul

Don't we already have Sharia court's & councils running parallel with British court's & councils?
Why don't you think Sharia will never happen?
Political Islam is very patient, I can almost see the future of Britain becoming Islamic to the core, if nothing is done about it now. It is a simple matter of numbers. The demographics are changing, Muslim child births are going up, when white European births are coming down.

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people started accepting islam

Islam is the all solution of whole life.

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Great work James. subbed and following on other social channels.

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