Do Poor Whites Have Same White Privilege as Rich Whites?

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--Audience Question: Do poor white people have the same privilege as middle class or rich whites?

What do you think?

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The capitalist tendency may prove this to be negative. In other words it's spans even more then white or black or any race. Being rich whatsoever provides you with a higher chance or opportunity at almost everything because it's an Imbalanced society and wealth or social status is a definitive factor, Psychologically, socially and also mentally. So I'll say no because rich whites are exposed to more opportunities via the wealth status

I'll have to agree with @josediccus on this one. More wealth is definately equall to more opportunity. I mean even the treatment of wealthier people in the service industry is better. I remember when I used to work at a local bank while in college, if a wealthier client walked in for example, my manager had a specific smile when dealing with that client. I don't know if he was biased or anything, I think sometimes he didn't even realize that he was smiling differently for a certain group of clients.

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Without a doubt there, more wealth equals More opportunities

If you have gold you will always have money. I have lived the poor life, and it comes with less opportunities. Now I am living better thanks to having gold, more opportunities open up to me daily. I made the choice. It is not the color of skin that determines opportunities. It is the decisions we make. I invest in gold, and have more time for my family. I do not hold a traditional job, because it pulls me away from my family, and chains me to a place I don`t want to be at in exchange for peanuts in the form of a paycheck. I made this choice, and is freedom. I am doing what I love, from anywhere in the world I choose.

davidpakman: Great question. Thank you.

Not really. Regardless of race, you typically have more options and opportunities available to you when you have money. I remember when I had about $100k in the bank, the amount of free stuff that I was offered was insane.

aint this the truth. When i had magnificent credit and a ton of money in the bank, i was getting offers for interest free loans all the time. After not paying US taxes for 14 years and living overseas, I would imagine that there isn't a bank that would touch me now.

Whenever the influence called wealth is invloved, there is always a change in how they are been treated. Surely poor people can not have the same chance as rich people as it even happen almost all over the world. Even in the country where i live nigeria. Poor people are more likely to suffer in terms of respect or priviledge than rich people

Interesting, but in my opinion (which is what everyone is sharing in this comment seciton anyway) just the fact of having more money will change enough people's attitude to be considered a privilege. Being white or black or anywhere in between doesn't really matter as much

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My sources say no

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