GIVING AWAY 100 STEEM - Promoting steem and 3speak !

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I reached an other milestone in steem and that's really great. ☺

I'm now one of the most reputed 300 steemians. Check that here : my ranking

This will be my biggest giveaway in steem !

I'm giving away 100 steem !

All you need to do is :

  1. Resteem this post !

  2. Retweet my tweet about this ! ( I will add the link to the tweet here soon )

  3. Write in bitcointalk : What do you think about steem blockchain ?

It's that easy !

I need more steemians to know about what I'm doing to promote steem on the web.

I need to to reach 1000 followers in twitter !

I need 100 views for this video.

When I will reach 1000 followers in twitter and 100 views for this video, I will giveaway 100 steem to a random steemian. I will do that live and I will use a random number generator. When you do all what's needed write in the comment ''Done'' and tell me about your name in twitter and in bitcointalk. I will write a number under each comment and that will be your number to participate.

You have no excuse now to not participate in ''Mission possible'' - The big movement to promote steem

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Don't need the Steem giveaway but wanted to congratulate you on making that latest milestone and your future progress. Best of luck to those that enter.

Thanks a lot. ☺

@clixmoney, Keep up with these empowering steps. I've completed all the steps.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

Thanks a lot. I wish you good luck in this contest. You seems the first who completed all the steps.

I'm giving you number 1 !

Welcome and thank you so much. Hoping for the best. 👍

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Yep they flagged me for who knows what.

I'll avoid joining or supporting them.

Best of luck with them though.

Maybe you used upvote bots ?

So it's more of a certain targeting not a flat flagging everyone using bidbots. Just the one that you don't approve of.

Yeah I'm not going to tell you what or how to do your steem... Why does this group do so?

Yeah I'd rather not. Plenty of other groups to give my support to.

I have nothing to do with flagging people. I'm just a creator and a dedicated steemian who want to grow and improve here. I'm sorry about your experience.

You can always reach the team here and ask them why exactly they flaged you :

Promoting steem and 3speak is surely a good move and I support it. I think more people should come forward to this. We did pretty well when Nathanmars took the initiative. Congratulations for getting slot among most reputed 300 steemians.

You're welcome. I hope we will do well now with clixmoney. lol I'm doing my best to make people promote steem.

yeah. why not. I am with you and follow you in twitter already.. Lets do it again clixmoney

Good thinking, buddy. Immediately I look for it in twiter. I send you a big hug and a lot of success.

Thanks a lot. We need more such contests to expose steem to the world. ☺


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Hey @clixmoney, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

subscribed your @threespeak channel and follow on twitter but i could not write about bitcointalk when i login whitelist page than no write down option i dont see, authority write me before some writing here you should paid some bitcoin..

This screenshots sir @clixmoney