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In this video I explained how I will promote @threespeak and steem now.

Since I'm among the top 30 in the platform, I will be able to upvote comments using their stake.

But, I will not choose the best comments, but I will upvote those who will help me with my mission.

In fact it's the mission of every single steemian to promote steem and the applications created on it.

I also know very well how to promote things in forums.

Before I joined steem more than 2 years ago, I was participating in a lot of affiliate marketing websites. In one of those websites I've got more than 800 referrals who are still bringing me some amount of bitcoin every single day. But I'm not willing to promote that here.

So, the ''Mission possible'' is an initiative to promote steem and 3speak and even good applications built on it in all forums. I will make sure to always stay in the top 30 in 3speak, to be able to reward those who will help me with this.

Here is how forums work usually. They have a categories with a lot of threads ( something like posts in steem ). When someone write in the thread, that thread go up in the category. So most active threads are always in the top. That's how I was profitting from this and finding so much referrals that's easy. I was just asking people from the project to be active in the threads I was active in, or I was just promoting the links of those created threads.

Now, I see that we need to invite more and more people from all arround the world to steem. I think the best way to do so, is to start by those who are already in crypto somehow. It's will be much easier to invite them and to make them interested.

I called this ''Mission possible'', because I tried so many ways to promote steem and I failed. I think this option will work for sure. I just forget about it and remember it because I joined , where the promotion of our videos is rewarded. We are all motivated to be in the top.

In ''Mission possible'' I will create videos where I will teach people about steem and share with them all the tips about how to be successful here. Sometimes I will just create content about anything related to crypto or bitcoin and sometimes even about non-related topics, to promote even in other kind of forums. That will be the real mass adoption.

I'm sure that will work, because I see how active those forums are.

About the crypto content, I advice you to register in all this forums to be ready to participate in this mission : , those are the most active forums about crypto.

But, if you will find or you know a good forum, you can always share that with me in the comments. You can't imagine how many forums I'm registred in.

Let's not waste more time and start doing so.

This time I created a new thread in the most active crypto forums and I will share the link with you to register there and to start the mission, here is the link :

I created that only about 5 minutes ago and the topic is viewed already by 5 people. I created that in the category ''Altcoin Discussion''. So, help me please to make it active.

All you need to do, is to register there and to reply me there : What do you think about steem blockchain ?.

It's better to not reply directly if you see someone already wrote something there. Because one reply will put the thread in the top and it will be good that with each reply, the thread will go higher again.

Since, I'm not yet able to upvote comments to reward them, I will at least put the comment of the one who wrote in the forum to the top by upvoting it with my account. I hope @threespeak team will help me in my mission and choose the comments who leave the proof about replying in the forum.

You can comment me here about what do you think about ''Mission possible'' and just let me know about the login that you have in bitcointalk forum. To make it easier for me, just create an account there with the same name that you have here. You don't have to put a link in the comment to prove you did, you can just share your name there or start for example to reply in the comments here about what do you think about steem and write that people can find the full version of your reply in the bitcointalk link that you will provide.

You can also write a post about this or create a video to let your followers know about ''Mission possible'', so they may participate as well.

For now, those are all the ideas I have, I will share more in my next videos.

If you want to understand more about this, watch my video.

Let's make steem great again. We can do it together !

Subscribe to my 3speak channel here !

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I've been promoting Steem on Bitcointalk for months now, also replied to your thread btw.

You can help by also keeping the main Steem thread active here:

Here's my Bitcointalk profile:;u=163641

That's great. But in this mission I want people to create more threads about steem. The more threads we will have about that, the better promotion will be. Thanks also for those links, I will try to make it active as well and to share it in my posts.

I went there and I tried to register at the forum but it says my IP was used for evil and to atone it I have to pay about 3.6k satoshis. I feel quite confused. Do have a look at your discord DM.

Tho, it seems a good way to be able to promote STEEM and get people talking STEEM a bit more than before. Do lemme know what I require to do to get things moving as .. just check you DM, that's what I received when I registered. :(

Hopin for your reply with remedy

I will share more forums soon where you will register much easier and start posting. Bitcointalk is the most used in the world, that's why it's very secure and maybe a bit hard to start posting there.

This is good idea, "Help Each other" and Spread the name of 3speak, with this the thread will always be on top and will attract more and more viewers and have more comments and from people who are very active on forum, once they realise we regularly comment and keep posting, they always keep out forum up and running. I recently signed up for BitcoinTalk, you will see my comment very soon on your post.

Did you register in the forum and left a reply there about what do you think about steem ?

Not yet, but I will definitely do it soon.

I mention @threespeak at the end of each of my videos and link to it on Twitter. Trying to pull my YouTube/Wordpress/Twitter audience over.

We are all trying to do that all the time. That's good of course. But, the power of forums is much better. When in social media you just mention a project of use its tag, it will not bring that much attention than writing always in a categery that's visited by people everyday. Making always the topic in the top in forums helps better. I hope you will start to register in forums and support there steem.

I don't have time to join a forum and post about Steem all day. Right now I pay $3 a day to post my videos to Threespeak as it is, so the marketing on my videos will have to be enough.

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It's ok. You don't have to do so. I just asked to do that once to make the thread a bit active. The marketing of your videos is good as well. I wish you good luck in that. :)

@clixmoney, Good to know about your experience in Affiliate Marketing and hope that your refreshed journey on this path will bring more value to Steem Blockchain. Stay blessed brother.

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Thanks. Are you registred in bitcointalk ?

Not yet. Will look into it soon. Thank you for letting me know.

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You should write something about the SCOT tokens on Steem, since I know people who earn much more on those platforms than on Steemit.

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You can reply me in the forum and write what do you think about that. I need active people there. I'm not a lot into those tokens, that's why I don't know how things are going there.

This is a very good idea. I will do this and resteem this post. It’s a great use of forum mechanics to promote Steem and improve its visibility.

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Thanks for resteeming.

I have click money. I can stake it.

Nice initiative!

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