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I've been almost 2 years and half in steem, promoting the blockchain almost every single day, everywhere I can.

Of course when we promote steem, steemit is promoted automatically, because when we create content on steem on any application, posts are always created in steemit.

We all agree with the change that we have now and that's 50/50 split of the rewards between content creators and curators. I like this because I see more people and whales and project curating now. But we also see those ads apear in steemit always and we click on them sometimes.

Thanks to @paulag for creating content about this and that's motivated me to writea post and record a video about that. I checked all the post and even the comments, but I didn't see anyone telling about sharing the earning with us.

It's not about if the links of our content are placed in priority in search engine, but about that we as content creators also need to earn from the advertisement because the content is ours after all.

I even have a solution for this.

For example @threespeak leader @starkerz said in the discord server recently, that they will share in the future the earning from the advertisement with the creators and that's pretty fair. Even though you can say that they are already paying us with good upvotes from their main account and @oracle-d and other partners like @theycallmedan.

So steemit inc also can do the same. If they don't want to pay us from what they earn from ads, they can at least pay us in form of upvotes. Check for example @steemit account and you will see how many stake they have there and the upvote there is over $400. I don't mean such big upvote, but at least symbolically, even if that would be a few dollars upvote. Of course depending on the traffic we bring to the website.

I'm sure that's easy to find that data about how many visits each blog is bringing. I'm sure I will earn from that a bit, because I'm really promoting everywhere I can. Some of us are also doing their best to promote steem, dapps and even steemit.

Thanks again to @paulag because she always bring the best content to steem and she did and still doing a lot to promote steem to the world.

I think every single steemian should be aware about that and we all have to create content about this issue.

I'm almost sure that steemit inc will do something about that.

You can also watch the video, I was emotional there talking about the topic.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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They introduced ads to maintain server costs and to stop selling hundreds of steem. I don't mind their upvotes but they should not again start selling steem and take more measures for price 🙏😄

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Sell steem or not, it's not that important. We are here for long run and we are inviting people to this platform and we are bringing some traffic, so why we shouldn't be paid for that. The upvotes we are getting are from our hard work, but our content also should bring something.

Yeah bro. Agreed with you butyoubare absolutely right bro. But the situation is steemit indirectly controls the steem circulation whether we realise it or not. They dump alot of steem earlier which reduced the price. Now the promised they won't sell steem as they are getting sustainable by revenue from ads.

Yeah they need to start manual curation service than sharing earnings from ads. That's beneficial for both authors and steem mutually.

They said that they will not sell steem only for a month. So, they will start selling sooner or later anyway. That's why to not let content creators we are inviting leave, they should be paid. Not all creators here are that passionate about steem, some of them are here just to earn something, even those should be supported, because they also bring some traffic to us.

Yup! that's so true bro. Also they should diverse their steem power to different projects which onboarding people massively. In that way the curation will be in high rate also.

Hope they realise and move things faster than now.

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That's also a good option. I asked a lot of people and still don't understand why they don't delegate that to projects and communities. The only explanation I have is maybe they don't have access to that account after Dan Larimer left. lol

Good muse Clixmoney. Certainly, Content creators ad particularly, quality content Creators are the image makers of the steem blockchain. They should be well rewarded and this is what #newsteem stand for afterall. I stand with you on the fact that where Steemit contents are shared on search engines and other sites, such creators should at least earn some Rewards for putting up a valueful content worthy of serving as a bait for prospective users.

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Well they might not agree because they say they're using the ad money to run logistics and maintenance of the blockchain. But it's really a great idea if it could turn out this way. Without a doubt 3speak us becoming revolutionary in their innovations

I hope they will think about it, because people who are joining now they will realize sooner or later that their content is used to gain money. It doesn't matter for what they are using it, content creators should be paid. All of them.

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