10 tips for leaders !

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I'm always promoting steem in social media and I read a lot of tweets recently.

I have a cool idea for all steemians and that's to tag those who you like in other social media and create a content about them or something they share.

A few days ago I've found this tweet from a lady ''SupplyChainQueen'' :


She is having more than 14k followers, so I will tag her when I will share this on twitter.

You can follow her to attract her to steem and thank her for her great content.

It took me more than 2 hours to create the video, please watch it to support me. ( Views are importnant in @threespeak )

In fact she shared 15 tips, but I choosed 10 to create the video.

Those tips are really important to follow.

Enjoy watching. ☺

We have a big movement in twitter to promote steem, so if you are not there, join us.

Here is my twitter page : https://twitter.com/Clixmoney1


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You always bring us your great ideas.

Having leadership is extremely important, and those who want to be educated recommend reading “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie, it is an interesting best seller that modifies our way of thinking towards people and how we should change to Improving our skills and abilities with people and knowing how to have a special touch that will open many doors, knowing how to connect with people for some is difficult, for others it is simple because they have known how to apply principles.

Thanks for the nice comment. I will take a look at that book. Maybe I will create a video about that someday. ☺