SKIN IS NOT ONLY in steem power !

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In this video I talked about a serious topic in steem !

One guy recently told me that I don't have skin in the game !

Here is my response video to him and everyone who thinks like him :

Skin in the game is not in steem power !

Say the truth and don't be a coward !

When we don't have money, we grow like a flower !

After all we all people and we all need to shower !

You can call that a poem or a kind of rap, but I think the message is clear !

We are all people, we are all the same, and not only steem power give us value, the time we spend here as well, the content we create, the effort we put in promoting steem, helping newcomers, motivating and inspiring everybody to stay here. Creating a community like I do with @dcooperation .

I hope people will value all the important things we do here but not only steem power !

I'm not saying that steem power is not important, but I'm saying that it's not the most important !

You can watch the video to see my emotions and to support me as well, because views in 3speak are important.

Enjoy watching.

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