The effect of conspiracy theories !

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In this video I was reading some articles about the effect of conspiracy theories.

I also shared my opinion about what I think about them.

Here is the link to the article :

Here is the link to pdf file :

I also gave an example of a real victim of those theories.

Find out everything in the video.

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Well, i don't get to watch many videos, so i don't know what you said.

But the paper started off with stupid, and went further that way...

These theories range from highly implausible in light of logic or scientific knowledge (e.g., chemtrail conspiracy theories; flat‐earth conspiracy theories)... although the vast majority of conspiracy theories that citizens have believed throughout history have been false

Well, chemtrails are blatantly obvious. You can see them. They used to not exist, and now they exist. They are only created by great big gray planes. I haven't seen a commercial painted plane yet leave a chemtrail behind it.

And the NASA is lying to us conspiracy... NASA was created by German Scientists and the foremost guy in occult. Highly suspicious. And it gets worse the more you dig.

And then the paper goes into a bunch of bogus psychology.
It basically says, don't think too hard on conspiracies, because you will fall down a rabbit hole and be consumed by them, and that is bad.

Instead of saying, one truth leads to another, leads to another, and that completely changes your outlook on life and the "news " programming.

Yep, ignorance is bliss, but knowing the truth allows you to make actual plans.

The main idea in my video is that not all the conspiracy theories are true and that those theorists can be also bad people ( or crazy ). We shouldn't listen to them all. In the video I didn't read all the articles, but I choosed the part where they describe the effect of conspiracy on people and society. The example I gave is also a lie from some people about an innocent person who was a victim of conspiracists and a lot of people who didn't do anything bad and were victims as well.

The problem with the effects of studying conspiracy theories, is you begin to distrust men. And that is bad for society.

Similarly, we started being scared of pedos. And instead of learning to find this minor % of people, and outing them... no, now it is almost a crime for a father to take his daughter to the playground.

Men are shunned in all areas that deal with children. Almost as if men are bad.
However, women rape and beat children far more often than men do.

So, the poor conspiracy theorist is left with a mental schism.
All the people in govern-cement are bad
The people in govern-cement are here to protect us.

Instead of ferreting out the evil people in power, we are left with a distrust of all things govern-cement.

Without trust, society collapses.

The media and the powers that should not be will blow up the insane theories and also invent ones to cover up the real ones. As long as they can highlight the conspiracy theorist the can get away with blaming any truths on these individuals. They actively promote and feed the conspiracy theorist as it plays into their hands 💯🐒

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I really enjoyed your explanation on conspiracy because throughly in some aspect conspiracy don't seem likely to be true like you said.

Yeah, of course. They can come with any kind of theories to prove they are right. As I said, maybe some ideas are true, but not all of them for sure !