10 STEEM for an Idea !

in threespeak •  16 days ago 

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I'm asking for an idea to give me.

Find out in the video !

It's just a 3 minute video to watch.

I will choose the best one and send 10 steem to the winner.

You can call it a contest, or a giveaway, as you wish. lol

Enjoy. ☺

Welcome to DCooperation community

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@clixmoney, Now we are entered into the world of Steem Tribes and i hope that Dcooperation is becoming strong by joining hands with diversified Steemians.

In my opinion and my suggestion is, Dcooperation Tribe Collaboration, means if Dcooperation Members can focus towards Tribes then Dcooperation can reach to wider audience because due to Tribes many new Steemians are on boarded.

In my opinion this Idea 💡 can be modified in several ways, but one thing is for sure and that is if members can focus towards the Specific Tribe then in my opinion Dcooperation can grow more effectively.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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Hi @clixmoney
You have already announced collab for 3 words about 3speak, 3 things about steem. Now I suggest you ask the community to share about 3 favourite tribe platforms. We know that the tribe era in steem is going well and there are good numbers of tribe available. I can say almost 90% of steemians are engaged with tribe token and using various tribe tags on their posts to earn additional benefits along with regular steem rewards. thanks.

"They did it"

That is what was frustrating about your video.
You forgot to define your subject and your object.

So, unless i followed and watched many of your other videos (watching videos is hard) i have no clue what you are going on about.

"They collaborated upon it"
So, you want some ideas about collaboration.

Pretty much useless.
Collaboration is when two people get together and find they have a shared goal/vision, they collaborate.

Getting collaboration in a blank space doesn't happen. Generic collaboration doesn't exist.

So, i suggest you ask for people to give you some goals for whatever thing/group you are asking for.

We do it just for fun. And if you know about those goals, let me know. I'll be happy to know the goals I need to set. :)

And we have a goal by the way. That's to share and promote those videos outside steem to make them feel our community here !