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I went to bed at 11 tonight as I thought that considering the last few weeks, a decent night of sleep would do me some good. It is 5 am and I have been up over 2 hours already. First a sick dog and then the baby woke up. Maybe next year will be different.

I am still in bed now though, that is something at least.

I signed the contract today for the new job and for to meet a colleague or two. They seem like good people who take their work seriously. It is going to be interesting because in many ways the work is going to be similar to what I think and have been saying Steem requires, building a common narrative across stakeholder groups that incentives and satisfies all to a high degree.

This is easier said than done when there are so many versions and expectations of what Steem should be. Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks that their opinion ous the correct one. Nothing new in human nature there as that is what opinions are, our belief that we are right.

"In my opinion you should..."

While we spend a great deal of time and energy arguing about opinion, we don't necessarily spend that much time investigating the actual problems together. Einstein said something like, given a problem he would spend most of the time understanding it, and the rest applying the solution. Understanding what the problems even are has its own set of challenges of course.

I think that often when we evaluate the personal problems we face we don't understand the issues well because we are invested in certain outcomes. If we were asked to give our opinion to another on the same topic, our siggestes solution would be different to what we are willing to apply to ourselves. That makes our advice quite interesting considering it isn't good enough for ourselves to follow, as well as our expectation on others ability to take our advice a poor position. If we won't take our own advice, how can we expect others to?

My new position title is Training Specialist which means a fair deal of face to face and practical content delivery. However, a lot of it will actually come down to the ability to build relationships between stakeholder groups and align incentives through a company via the flow of communication.

One of the issues of Steem is that the flow of communication is difficult when there is no unifying process, it is all the responsibility of the individual. This is slowly changing though as communities are starting to come together to leverage each other's skills and networks.

This is an important time for Steem as the community interaction will be the glue that pulls together and creates common objectives where larger and diverse groups are working at solving issues no individual or narrow set can. It is a consolidation of resources that can focus energy to where it needs to go.

Of course, where it needs to go presents challenges of opinion but open and earnest discussion based on mutual large frame goals helps understand the problems and subset issues to tackle. Once understood broadly and then separated into tasks, smaller groups can work independently and still travel in the same direction.

Building a rough common narrative of what Steem is and could be would greatly reduce friction and allow diverse parties to collaborate. It doesn't remove conflict entirely but, it can provide the common denominator that approaches challenge from the same side of the table instead of as adversaries.

Well, I should have a little nap before work starts.

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Best of luck to the new training specialist with many successes.

Identify the problem is the first process of any problem solving techniques

It is going to be a steep learning curve in the first months but I am looking forward to the new challenges and of course, the new stories it will bring :)

Best wishes with the new job....and with your ability to sleep.

Thanks mate and see you soon.

Another thought relevant to Steem is that these shifts do not take place overnight as adapting to a new order or governance takes time and sometimes even a dedicated transition team to work closely together in executing changes over time. We are often led to think that change happens immediately but it is not possible...

Best of success to your new journey my friend!

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Change can be a very slow process and when it requires many people working together in a distributed manner, even longer. The benefit of slow change though is the longevity is generally better as there is a culture to it.

This post has been included in today's SOS Daily News - a digest of all you need to know about the State of Steem.

Best wishes for you.
Go ahead.

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