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Hello again, my friends...

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With all of the concern over the newest Hardfork and downvoting, I wanted to continue my #thoughtfuldailypost movement, by choosing you wonderful people that not only use my tag but are also trying to share positive content, on our blockchain.


I met @nurseanne84, through the @pifc... yes, the same community where I met @wolfhart. I saw that she was trying, in her own way, to send positive energy to Wolfhart, and that, of course, made me happy to see others helping during his battle with cancer. It wasn't soon after, that we met again at the @steemterminal, and I learned of the conditions she was dealing with while trying to complete a Nursing Degree... Once again, it seemed to me, that it was meant to be, for our paths to cross. I mentioned my #tdp tag to her and hoped that it would be a way to take her mind off the negative things she was facing. While she might not be very active in the Discord community, she posts some very positive and enlightening content, and I am glad that I was able to cross paths with her... if you are curious about what content she posts, that I am speaking of, I would invite you to read her latest post below:


No @saffisara, I have not forgotten about you, my friend... I do believe we met at @theramble, but don't quote me. First at the Ramble, then I learned she was part of the @thealliance... you will find SO many of the same, like-minded people, if you start looking through the member lists, of each group you are in! Anyway... @saffisara has been such a wonderful promoter of my #thoughtfuldailypost movement, from positive content, beautiful flower photos, to touching stories of family, passing of loved ones, and birthdays. I am grateful and thoughtful, my friend, for crossing paths with you... To see what I am talking about, why not check out her latest post below:

As I have, for my past posts... highlighting all the wonderful people I have met, I am utilizing the beneficiary functionality of Steempeak and including those I mention... after all, isn't' that what it's all about?


What are you thoughtful for today?


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I absolutly ADORE you my friend 🤗🌹
Not only for the #thoughtfuldailypost tag which I love 😁 lol
But for Who you are and always spreading love and positivity to us, giving us the good vibes.
You have a big heart and YES 😉👍
We met in Ramble and that was when you told me about your tag and your thought behind it 😊
I was hooked... Lol

Thank you for being YOU and Im so happy to have you in the family my friend 🤗🌹❤️much Love

@alliedforces curate

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You got some love from a member of @thealliance family!
Keep up the great work!
The #spreadlovenotwar curation campaign is under the guidance of witnesses @enginewitty and @untersatz.
Current VP: 86.96%

Appreciate the kind words, my friend... glad I remembered something! But... don't tell anyone, don't want to start rumors that I have a brain... haha!! I am just doing, what I would hope someone would do for me... thank you for your continued support and friendship...

I promise not to tell anyone that you have a Great memory 😁🤫 shh.. Lol
But its all True my friend and you are a great inspiration, and even tho you go through alot on daily bases you still shine 😊 thats admireble to me.

Have a wonderful week my friend and I Will keep using your tag and hoping I can be as awsome as you are 😉👍
Much love 🌹

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2 amazing people you featured here. Thank you for always being thoughtful. I would love the join and do alot of posts, this tag and that, but unfortunately I need to slow down on Steem due to raising up kids (one having health issue, congenital thingy) and another thank God normal boy and a homemaker who always busy. Haha. But i love reading this post of yours. We certainly need all the positivity in the world as well as Steemiverse.

Thank you for the reply and kind words!! I understand about trying to find a balance... as I have mentioned before, I have Multiple Sclerosis, and that is the main "factor" that each day is based upon. Some days are ok... I can interact somewhat... then other days, I am stuck in bed trying to recover. This Human Condition aye? Sending positive energy, to you and your family... appreciate you taking the time to stop by :)

I'm happy that many steemians are still supporting your tag my friend. I forgot to use your tag also and unlike before I only make post about life sometimes. Even so I'm here to support you, just being so forgettable these days

hope your fine there.

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No need to apologize, my friend!! Life can "get in the way" sometimes... right?

I forgot to use your tag also and unlike before I only make post about life sometimes.

There are many things, in "life" to be thoughtful for. I appreciate your friendship, and then as always, joining in, on my #thoughtfuldailypost movement...

!giphy HUG

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