Beingness versus thinking in scientific exploration

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The next level of evolution of man from Homo Sapiens is Homo Spiritus.

How does scientific exploration unfold in Homo Spiritus?

The current level of scientific exploration humans do is based on studying physicality through the senses to derive the consistent patterns that underlie the observed behavior of interacting elements. All mental knowledge is patterns. So for example, a math formula is a consistent pattern that explains how the distinct elements represented in the formula relate to each other in behavior or cause-effect.

Technological advancement has allowed humanity to extend the range of their senses (e.g. a microscope allows seeing outside normal eyesight range) but the paradigm is still one where the intellect works with sensory perception primarily.

Sensory perception is actually a pretty coarse level of perception, and far from the limits of the kind of perception that is possible in consciousness. Also, the sensory investigation is limited by the limits of the sensory perception. So for example, if you have to wear a coarse glove and the only sense you had to study the seemingly outside world was touch, you simply would not be able to truly understand a level of reality smoother than the glove. This is because the intellect will be limited by the coarseness of the glove. Similarly, if all you had was eyesight, and looked through orange glasses, the intellect could never truly understand “blue”. It would be limited to the dimension of “orange-ish”.

In Homospiritus, there is a new level of perception. This perception is based on BEINGNESS rather than THINKING. Instead of studying the surface EFFECTS through the limited senses, Homospiritus experiences coming to know through intuitive alignment/understanding/insight. This understanding comes from synchronicity with the SOURCE of the vitality of the physical word, rather than from the mental study of EFFECTS as separate elements. This knowing is RECEIVED and TRANSLATED in the mind but it is not conceived in the mind. So you can say that in Homospiritus, you evolve from relying primarily on MIND-BASED senses, to BEING-BASED senses.

To begin to attune to this level of knowing, it is ESSENTIAL to abide in BEING rather than THINKING until it becomes natural, for it is indeed your natural state - you have just habituated an unnatural abidance in person-based THINKING for so long you have come to think it natural. This abidance is simply resting the attention at the root of awareness where everything, including all ideas about yourself as well as all perceptions and thoughts, are perceived (without resistance, judgement, or identification) as effects coming and going against a background of the formless awareness that is really you (What Jesus' pointed to with the words “While I am in this world, I am the light (i.e the perceiving-aware-being) of the world”). At this place, the highest truth in the mind is “I AM” experience which is synonymous with the NOW experience. Earnestly abiding in that awareness, as that awareness, without taking yourself to fundamentally be anything that is perceived by it rapidly opens the inner gateways that free the intellect from the limitation of the physical senses and person-based-mind, and instead brings the intellect into union with, and in service to, true intuitive insight. (Jesus referred to this abidance as "Seeking first the kingdom of God").

It is not possible for the person-based mind to know the value of this abidance ahead of time because the person-based mind has no understanding of how to value it. However, once the abidance begins to raise its perfume, the truth and wonder of it is undeniable even to the mind, and the idea of returning to the old paradigm becomes quickly uninteresting, just as a child outgrows toys, and dimensions of play, it was once fascinated by.

An important clarification is that this abidance is not to be done by you as who you take yourself to be in the mind (any self-image, or conceptual self idea) since then it would simply be Personality trying to "do it" while preserving an allegiance to its self-conception. This abidance is actually one where you recognize ANY idea of yourself that you can hold in the mind to also be a thought witness-able by an awareness that cannot be itself witnessed as a THING. In other words awareness - YOU - cannot truly know itself other than by BEING itself. Knowing and Being are one experience at this "place" (This is why in the bible, God's answer to "who are you?" was "I am that I am"). So what happens in this abidance is You - Awareness - rest as yourself (rather than as the idea you "incarnated" into), and in this resting, the experience of your true nature seeps into the mind until it is fully recognized.

(Insights by Dennis Munene )


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