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March 12th in, 2023, the day when Brendan Fraser won an Academy Award for his role as a very fat person in the movie The Whale. Honestly, I wasn't very happy about it, because I wanted Austin Butler to win an Oscar for his role as Elvis Presley in the movie Elvis, but I guess Brendan Fraser did a great role as well.

In The Whale, Brendan Fraser plays the role of a teacher who teaches from home. He always turns of his camera, as he is to shy to show the students who he really is and what he really looks like. Amidst this, he tries to connect with his daughter, which is a harder task than expected.

What is so special about this movie? Nearly anything is happening, and it feels like you are watching a slow whale move around for two hours. Honestly, I felt like the movie drained my energy, so as I left the cinema, I didn't feel lighter and happier than before I arrived. Brendan Fraser might have done a fantastic job in his role, but the movie itself was depressing and sad. Of course, that is what life is like for many, so it might be way more realistic than many other movies.

Still, I would need someone to pay me a lot of money in order for me to stream this movie once again, this time on Netflix. After all, when I first watched it, I had popcorn and watched it in the cinema. I would have trouble sitting in front of my computer to spend two hours streaming this movie on Netflix. It was too depressing!

Are you interested in streaming The Whale on Netflix? Have you seen it once and would like to see the movie again? Or have you heard great things about the movie or about the acting of Brendan Fraser, and now you are ready to watch the movie for the first time? This is how it is done!


Stream The Whale with Brendan Fraser on Netflix.

The movie is only on Netflix in South Korea. If you want to stream the movie, you need to make Netflix believe you are in South Korea. You don't have to fly to Seoul, the only thing you need is a subscription to NordVPN.

  • Click the link and visit the NordVPN website.
  • Purchase a subscription (all subscriptions will do, you do not need any extras). You are protected by the 30-day full refund policy no matter which subscription you buy.
  • Download and install the NordVPN application on your phone, tablet, TV, computer, laptop, or other device. You can use one subscription on six devices simultaneously.
  • Start the application and connect to a server in South Korea. This will give you a South Korean IP address, and Netflix now believes you are located in South Korea.
  • Restart your Netflix application, or restart your browser. Go to the Netflix website, search for The Whale.
  • Bring some chips and something to drink, and get ready for two hours of depression!

Is The Whale worth watching?

I have written several times that I didn't really like the movie and that it was too depressing. But, am I alone having such feelings, or did others feel the same way? I decided to take a look at Rotten Tomatoes to see if this movie was liked by the critics alone, while the audience didn't feel the same way, or is this a movie people love (and I am the exception)?


What do you see in the image above? That came as a real surprise to me. The critics score is way lower than the audience score. In other words, normal viewers like you and me actually love the movie, while the critics have a harder time watching it. That came as a surprise to me.

Have you seen it? What did you think? Please write a comment and let me hear what you think!


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