Happy New Year!

So we made it through the downward trend of 2018, heres to a prosperous 2019!

I have a good feeling about this year.


To start the year off well, I decided to take Ellie-Bear into the woods with my camera and do a little photo shoot.

I hope you like the images!





Happy New Year everyone! :D

Cheryl & Ellie-Bear xx

BTS address: bb-bulldogs

A huge thank you to @zord189 for my bouncing bullies signature!

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@beautifulbullies a blessed new year to you too!! 😇😇

What is she looking at (in the first picture)? ^^

Ellie-bear is a beauty! I'm sure you have so much fun photographing her. I think she likes to pose, she's so regal ;) Happy New Year to you @beautifulbullies! Your photography is really wonderful!


awww thank you so much :) She actually hates standing for her photo, it took me over 600 shots to get these final 4 hahaha xD
Happy New Year :)

Sweet shots and wishing you all the best for 2019


Thank you @JJ!
Happy New Year to you too!


Thanks Kindly my friend I hope the year has started well for you

Dog portraits turned out really nice 😄 and I love the bouncing dog ball sigpic 🤣

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Thank you! Yes, @zord189 did an amazing job with the signature!
Happy New Year! :D

Happy New Year! I have high hopes for 2019. Best wishes for you and your family. ;)


Happy New Year to you and your family too!
I think we will see a turn around with crypto prices this year :)
Prosperity for all just around the corner! :D

Happy 2019 to you too!


Thank you! :D Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you too!

Beautiful, happy dog...

Namaste, JaiChai


Thank you, yes she is always a happy girl! :D
Happy New Year! :)

With such a cute face smiling sending happy greetings, it definitely will be a great 2019 @beautifulbullies

#steemitbloggers @phototalent


She is such a sweetheart and always has a smile for everyone she meets!
Happy New Year to you Joan! :D

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Thank you for your continued support guys! Happy New Year! :)

Very Nice photo shoot! What a great way to start off the year!!

Happy New Year!! 🎉 May yours be filled with joy!

Happy New Year! Your model looks so pretty! Lovely shots!

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Awww Happy New Year Snuffles and humans! :D
All the bullies xx

Happy New Year!

She is adorable and I love her colouring. I wanted to ask you about your bullies. When we arrived here with Ivan the dog from America, we have been told by many people that they no longer dock dogs tails here. Ivan is a schnoodle (poodle schnauzer mix) and has a docked tail.

So, does that mean bulldogs now don't have docked tails? Or did they ever and I thought they did, but it's just a shorter tail naturally? I am really curious.

I had a right good ole' laugh yesterday on one of our many country walks when I met a corgi with the biggest swooped bushy tail that looked like a foxes brush! I couldn't tell what was different about him, until I saw that big tail bouncing about!

In American corgi's tails are docked, so this was just adorable. I mean it's a pretty amazing tail, not sure why they chose to dock it, but probably something to do with it originally being a ratter or some such.

So, do bulldogs get their tails docked here? Or anywhere really, or do they just have naturally smaller tails?


Happy New Year Sweetie! :D
Yes, it is now illegal to dock tails here, unless the dogs are to be used for working stock and then it is done with permission only.
Unfortunately, a lot still come over here from Ireland with docked tails as people still see it as desirable in some breeds (not sure why, there is nothing more beautiful than a waggy tail to me! :D )
Bulldogs don't have their talis docked, they have been bred to have shorter and tighter tails over the years... which has now lead to problems with infected tail pockets, some unfortunate babies even have to have their tails surgically removed due to this issue! So breeders are trying to reverse this problem and now the tails are supposed to be free moving and slightly longer than the stub we all see :)
Hope that answers your question! hehe
Cheryl xx


When I bought my two toy schnauzers (lots of years ago), I paid for them before they were even born with the stipulation that they would not have their tails done. (I agree with you. Tails were meant for wagging!!) Beyond that, I don't think physical mutilation should be one of life's first experiences. I'm pretty firm about that.

Ellie-Bear is beautiful and you have made really good shots!
Happy New Year!


Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! :D

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Great photos of Ellie-Bear! Happy New Year!


Thank you so much! Happy New Year to you too! :D