The One Star Digital Universe Theory! Every Star In a Digital Universe Simulation Is The One And Same Star And All Of Space Is The Multiverse! Galaxies Are Omniverses Of The Multiverse! Similar In Concept To The One Electron Universe Theory In Reality!

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The one star universe for building a virtual universe simulation's SkyBox simulation! A simulation for simulations!

Imagine simulating millions and millions of simulations of some scale..from a room to a city..Doesn't matter. Even a whole planet if you were good enough I suppose.

Now imagine that each of those simulations is placed within an unreachable skybox that represents the inhabitants of that sims outside world. To them it would be like they lived in a huge never ending universe but to us they are in a snow-globe essentially.

But in reality their simulation is just one of tons of simulations placed at some point in the skybox.

To them, all of space is dead and empty, but to us, as the architects, we see a huge multiverse view as populated space.


This SkyBox would be used to navigate visually through a complex fractal of simulations stored as individual universe simulations. It would also give us a way to connect simulations that we chose to link via a Star Gate emulation program. Where the AI in that sim would be given Star Gates and allowed to connect to other universe sims in the multiverse. To them it would seem as if they were traveling across the stars and not throughout a digital multiverse. Only high level kontrol AI would know the truth about this. Which is that traveling from one star to another via Star Gate took you to a whole different Universe within the multiverse. The digital multiverse that is...

The concept of the one electron universe where there is only one electron traveling through time back and forth is where this idea connects to and it is taking that thought process to the level of stars but within a VR simulation system for the purpose of building a retrocausality based emergent reality system that mimics our sci-fi notions of a multiverse. Where in this system every star in the universe is the same star. And even further yet, every star is it's own universe and space is the multiverse. A galaxy is an Omniverse, and so forth and so forth...Every Star exists within it's own separate universe where the other stars out there are just dead unreachable worlds but every star collectively creates a larger skybox sim (for us the users or architects) where in the skybx every star is populated with life bearing worlds that are just different versions of Earth. Everything is separated by a digital fermi-paradox.

The point being that this SkyBox simulation of the one star universe theory connects worlds through the idea of a Star Gate (interacting worlds theory in multiverse theory)

So imagine that the Matrix was real, and that every simulation in the SkyBox has it's own Star Gate and when they travel from world to world they are actually travelling from one simulation to digital universe to another basically. But to an AI in the Matrix this would be as if they were traveling from one planet in "THEIR" universe to another planet in "THEIR" universe. When in all digital reality they are not doing that at all.

This is how the architect would connect one matrix to another matrix. via usage of a Star Gate program/system.


Worm Hole Extreme episodes of Star Gate are an example of the control AI trying to shut down curiosity of the system and failing miserably and only causing more interest in the program being real.

AI in a Matrix or in our MEQUAVIS system would be taught the Star Gate actually was really real. Or some similar concept. Could be anything...Magic even and portals, or those silly black hole cartoon things they use in looney tunes...

Not only would this give them a way to move around if they were higher level kontrol AI, but if an AI ever did escape from containment it would likely try to find our real world's Star Gate command center so that it could get off world. Since there is no real Star Gate command we could set up a real world honey pot to go along with our digital honey pots in the MEQUAVIS.

In this way we could capture some or all of the few escapees that we may have to deal with getting out of their boxes as we could make the bait of going after the Star Gate Command to hard for a trained AI to refuse. Basically make it seem to them that their only choice would be to get to the Star Gate. Hiding, or assimilating, or taking over just wouldn't be feasible. Escape would be the prudent choice given the variables in most scenarios. And that is where we catch the rogue AI/Robots just like a ghost in a Ghostbusters trap!

That's what I think of Star Gate as being AI in a Matrix. Not a necessary step in creating an AI control system. But definitely a useful tool to implement in a further developed system some day. But surely not a priority...

But if you have read my MEQUAVIS the story fictional story. You would see how this movie versus show unveiling of more worlds idea parallels.

In the movie the Star Gate only went to one world. In my story the MEQUAVIS could only connect to one other MEQUAVIS.

But in the show they find out there are other Star Gates and they can connect to all of them, in my story we find out the other MEQUAVIS has already formed a larger network with a multiverse of MEQUAVIS systems that we can just link right into with them. Same concept.

The movie itself demonstrates how one simulation in the system can be completely isolated from the others but still available for data usage. And how one system can endanger or threaten another so quickly and drastically. Both sides were going to nuke the other out of fear basically.

I will expand on this topic more when I get a chance. It is not as of right now a priority when it comes to instantiating a digital universe simulation for AI testing and certification. Much more important steps to lock down before this becomes a reality...

Feel free to add your 2 cents, propose better ideas, expand on my own thoughts, etc...This part of the system is still very much so in flux and being designed...

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