Theory of the Day -- The Mandela Effect

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You may have heard of the Mandela Effect. It has been floating on the web for quite a while. I would like to share this theory with you guys and hopefully spark some interesting conversations in the comments!

The Mandela Effect

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The Mandela Effect is a theory that sparked from a strange occurrence. Many people shared the same memory of Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 1980s. In fact, Mandela did not die until 2013. Since then, many people have been pointing out memories that are also shared by a large group of others. It is claimed that this is proof of a parallel universe. Some even claim that the world we live in is a virtual reality, and these are just glitches in the "matrix."

Popular Memories

  • The Berenstain Bears used to be spelt Berenstein Bears
  • There were more than 50 US states
  • In Queen's We Are the Champions, the lyric at the end of the song "of the world" is missing
  • Rubik's cube was spelled Rubix cube
  • In a video of Tienanmen Square, a young boy was thought to have been run over and killed by a tank

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My Take

I believe that these ideas have all spawned from believable lies. As people, we are all exposed to many of the same things, whether it is pop-culture, advertisement, or other things. I don't think that it is too much of a coincidence that a large amount of people believe that they remember something the same way. It is possible to come up with a lie so good that a large amount of gullible (or not so gullible if the lie is that good) people will believe it. Presenting the lie can trick people into thinking they remembered something a certain way. This would never even happen if that person wasn't presented the lie in the first place. That person would just go about their lives, accepting that they simply spelled Rubik's cube incorrectly. This internet trend caught on because it was able to manipulate a large amount of people online. If you ask me, it really isn't that hard to manipulate people at all... This theory is pretty ridiculous in my opinion! Let me know if you disagree in the comments!

Here is a good satire of the Mandela Effect. I think that this guy lives a bit more in the real world that Mandella Effect supporters (no offense). This made me laugh, so I decided to include it.

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This caught my attention awhile ago as well. I'd never allow something so ridiculous to convince me of the general conclusions we face when looking into this topic.

Some of the examples did feel strange though. I've faced reality. I simply say to myself, "Self, you had it wrong, all these years."

One part that plays a key role in making someone a believer of this would have to be the fact many people in today's society cannot admit to making a mistake. It's nearly impossible to make one of those, right? ...and lets hope nobody finds out!

This is, of course, a fascinating theory. Prior to your nice article here, I had only heard this bandied about in books and articles about quantum physics, or in Sci-Fi novels and films. One of the most common themes is the infinitely branching universe in which, as each choice between two options is made, a new universe appears containing the alternate choice.

I'm personally of the "real, physical universe" persuasion with a single time-line. I do also believe there is one or more alternate "dimensions" if you will... Realms that may somehow overlap with or occasionally interact with our physical universe. Realms of "angels and demons." But I don't subscribe to the "infinite branch" theory.

And so, I guess for the moment that puts me in the camp of the simplest explanation. Faulty human memory.

I am certainly ready to admit that the universe is stranger than I can imagine! I'm actually planning to write a post about one of my strangest experiences, a dream I had long ago with very curious content that I cannot explain.

Thanks for an entertaining post! ;)

"In Queen's We Are the Champions, the lyric at the end of the song "of the world" is missing"

Indeed it is missing, but it is a part of the song its just a bit earlier before the final chorus. How silly that people think this means anything. People remember it because its in fact in this song.


Exactly, that's why people believed it! The lyrics are embedded in their brains, so when they listen to it, it seems like it should be there.

Oh. Interesting, like mass deja vu but different.

Maybe that stuff actually happened and its government conspiracy.

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When I watches Demolition Man as a teenager the Restaurant was Taco Bell. And now it is pizza hut. All the links are in this article. Showing the Mandela Effect...