NFL Thursday on #themorningbowl

Good morning and welcome to Thursdays episode of #themorningbowl.. today betting lines for this weekend's games come out.. make sure and watch the video because there's a twist this week on..


Twisted Thursday..

This weeks available games..


Peace out y'all.. Dave




I am going to take the hated colts for 10 and the bears for 5.

All bets are on gandolf. Tuned into todays episode and saw some some dude choke. Lol.

What up @partytrout..

It ain't a good toke if a man doesn't choke..


Hey @partytrout, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!




Is this on Steempeak?

No.. #themorningbowl is posted via weedcash.. the highlight reel is posted via Actifit

Ok I don't know where to find Sports tokens at. or

Damn, the Fudge Packers are down? WTF!? Lot of good teams playing this week. Put me down for 20 Steem on the Vikings. The Cowboys suck and are always losing so that is an easy win. I want to bet more but just in case this is the one time the Cowboys win a game I won't lose much HA HA.

Sonovabitch. It is pick your donation to Double D day isn’t it? Canadians don’t know nfl! I will have to take a closer look at the lines and get back to you. Most likely not the Vikings because Hope screws with what I can guess they will do.

B flat.

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Lol I hear that. I hate betting on the Bears

I am going to have to stay consistent and bet 5 steem on the fudge packers. They owe me one and is it gonna be damn cold at home this weekend hopefully.

Booked. Thanks for your donation. 🤣💰

Just wanted to say good morning! Enjoy your Thursday, @davedickeyyall

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I try to enjoy everyday.. !BEER

Hey @silversaver888, here is a little bit of BEER for you. Enjoy it!

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