Introducing Sargon's first class of users

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The Mesopotamians is a project to use ongoing support and gamification to encourage account growth and build a class of community-minded minnows and eventually dolphins. This project is run by @tcpolymath.

The Mesopotamians is an outgoing support initiative, not a vote-trading scheme. Support from our members is appreciated but not in any way required.

@m-sargon is the second level of the intiative, and uses its vote with a goal to grow users from 500 to 1100 SP. The first level is running at @doctorworm and @particleman, and a full project overview can be found at @themesopotamians.

With users from the lower level progressing, and the need for a second level to support tham soon, I'm launching Sargon with a group of users who are some of Steemit's most-community-minded small minnows:

@amritadeva is a great poster looking for more ways to support the community, and I have hope that being involved with this program will give her the resources to do so.

@bashadow is very active in several intiatives to increase engagement on the blockchain, and is also dedicated to helping new users find good ways to fit in here.

@bitfiend is a key cog in the @comedyopenmic team, is working to create a rockhound community here, and lives on the world's best lake.

@cklai is one of the founders of @archisteem, an effort to bring great architectural writing and architectural photography to Steemit.

@davemccoy seems to be everywhere helping people, from new users through @newbieresteemday to literally everyone with @dustsweeper.

@minismallholding impressed me strongly with the positive attitude in her posts, and how she explains important Steem concepts very well.

@nathankaye works diligently to support people at risk of suicide, and if that weren't enough he's also one of the most positive forces in the Steem music community.

@thedarkhorse is the founder of the Pay It Forward Curation Contest, a challenge to find good posts by undervalued and new users.

@veryspider curates art very actively all over the platform. If you follow artists she's hard to miss.

@warpedpoetic is deeply involved in several projects to support Nigerians on Steem, and help them become good and empowered Steem citizens.

This account will launch its voting program on Monday.

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I am very honored that you would chose me to be involved with not just you and your amazing people @tcpolymath, but also included with the terrific names on the list. I will do what I can to support you and your efforts, not because I'm included, but because I respect very much what you are trying to do here!

We need more people like you and your partners! (hopefully we can grow em!)

hello dave ! nice to meet you~ hope to get to know you better soon o/

@veryspider Hey @veryspider, its nice to meet you too! I know many on this list and its quite an honor to be here with you :) ... If you ever want to get me on discord my name there is the same: davemccoy#2479... I look forward to getting to know you as well!

Thank you for this opportunity. I am grateful. Steemit continues to amaze me. Some persons will definitely for thankful for this.

Looking forward to getting to know you and working with you to build this community, @warpedpoetic :>

Glad to see you here warped, I did not realize just how busy you are, you must feel like a one armed wallpaper hanger at times with all you have going on.

You have no idea bro @bashadow. Sometimes I feel like running away but I still resume and try to do the best I can.

I know I need to structure my time because I make misses sometimes. Like miss a writing deadline but I try to be there. It is people like you, @samest, @charisma777, @amariespeaks, @maverickinvictus that inspire me to get involved in community.

It is a hard thing sometimes, I had to back away from a couple of things I was trying to help on, but I got so so overwhelmed, I hacked apart almost all of my discord follows, but like I knew would happen, they grow and grow again. And now I am not sure what is coming for me, but will strive to survive, I hope you find a spot in steemmonsters writing, you are good at that, but it is also a lot of work, so at least right now if I need to drop it I can, since I am a team of one.LoL.

Buddy inspiration received and used is best appreciated. Im happy you found it useful and using it, this will encourage me to do more. Thanks and keep the project moving up.

One love

aaaah so happy to be on board :D heres hoping that we all can work together to bring people across steemit to more success!!! and in turn, hoping that our efforts will assure the future success of the blockchain as a whole :>

looking forward to getting to know all of you <3

and thank you tcpolymath arranging for this incredible initiative <3

That's exactly how I feel! Really great to be in this together!

yaaaay \o/ new friends to work with \o/

Yaayy!! :D

Very glad to see you, I haved needed to find another art curator, I run into so many artist on my steemit travels, and the only "Art Curator" type I had found was artzone, so it is great to have another I can refer to for help on art and art questions. I look forward to reviewing your pages, I love eye candy, (as in art of all forms, painting pictures, and sculptures and more).

Congratulations @bashadow! This is so awesome :)

Fyi, I know that @c-squared also does art curation and has a spot in their discord room specifically for art posts.

Thank you, and I have them on my list also now.

You are so welcome @bashadow! You'll enjoy what you find there I think 😂

Very happy to meet you here, also @bashadow ! I would love to hear your experiences about art, and would love to learn from you on other matters as well :>

Is that your doggo in your avatar? I love doggos * ___ *

Yep, that's my little granite, he's a chihuahua, really small guy. I hit the introduceyourself tag pretty regularly, (even though it is a mess), and a lot of the times I like to let people know of a few tags if they mention specific interest in their post or where they can go to get help if they run into trouble. For visual arts outside of photography I only knew of the one curator. Now I know a few more to help people out with.

send my hugs to your lil granite <3 i have a pomeranian ! they are also a small doggo type :>

oh! yes i also advice new comers of what tag to use to help them out, specially if they are artists :>

very nice to work with you~

Check out @solar as well. He doesn't get attention because he doesn't post but he's out there curating art like mad.

Thank you, I have them followed now.

Thank you for the name drop, tc <3 All the underappreciated steemians needs more love and i love appreciating~ :D :D :D

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What an awesome and esteemed list of beautiful people to have the honour of being included with.
Thank you so much.
Thank you so much.
Deep thanks to @tcpolymath for recognising the efforts of all these kind-hearted people and for being a shining example of generosity in action.
Bless you sir!

If anyone is feeling overwhelmed by emotions of depression, anxiety of suicidal tendencies please jump over to @preventsuicide (which is still quite a new account that will be used more soon) and join the prevent suicide discord server that is mentioned there. There are many people there that have been through what you’re going through and can offer a friendly, discreet ear especially for you. If you know anyone that may need help please direct them there.

Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

Really happy to be on this team with you. Looks like you've already found a lot of ways to contribute! Looking forward to getting to know you and your account better!

Thank you and I'm looking forward to connecting more with you too!
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

Amazing spirit, NK! Really looking forward to working alongside with you as a new friend <3

Hiya, fellow Helpienaut!
It takes an amazing spirit to see the amazing spirit in me and others.
Yes, it'll be great to get to know each other better through this!
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

Hello @nathankaye, off topic question but I like to try to stay on top of the unusual bits of markdown, so do you know any other color code names? Is there a place you go specific to find, or just do like me and painstakingly look through the page source for the secret tibbits?

G'day mate!
I wish there was a more magical answer to that question...
As you suspected, all I can say is INSPECT is your friend to discover that stuff...
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

I forgot about the quick inspect function, much easier to find than scrolling along through page source. Thanks for the reminder.

Thank you very much! Honored to be on the list with some great steemians I know and others that I need to check out.

Absolutely love what you are doing here to build up the community builders. Love the Pay It Forward Attitude!

Love the Pay it Forward attitude indeed <3

Great to see your here, I ended up getting stretched thin again, and had to take an hiatus from PIF, but still try to catch a few of the post for voting and commenting on, I really do think you hit on a very good project with it.

Know the feeling. My Wife just informed me that I have worked or been driving to/from working for 54 of the last 72 hours. Not much time left for steemit, but have kept things moving along...just not as well as I wanted this week. I see a direct drop off when I'm not able to interact with people.

Just keep in mind any and all support is appreciated. Weeks when you are busy catching a few entries with upvotes and comments is a huge help!

Congratulations buddy! I'm so happy for you :)

Thank you!

You are most welcome @thedarkhorse; you totally deserve it 😂

Honoured to be here with you too, mate!
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

Feeling quite honoured to be included among so many names I've seen doing some great work.

o/ looking forward to learning from each other and building steemit community outside my current small network <3

love your quiet but steady positivity <3

Thank you. Looking forward to that too. 😊

The feeling is mutual, mate...
I'd love to chat about homeschooling sometime...
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

It will be good to get to know you all more.

Thank you for the kind words! Yes, that is exactly what I am hoping too - to be part of and contribute to the community more. Really happy to be part of this group!

Love your positivity, @amritadeva <3

So awesome of you to do @tcpolymath! I recognize a few names here and look forward to learning more about the others. You rock buddy ;)

I am so unbelievably thankful for this opportunity and to have been selected. I also read through all the other winners and I am absolutely honoured to have been included in the same list as such wonderful people!

I've went ahead and tossed you all a follow and upvoted your comments to @m-sargon's post! Congratulations to everyone, we are super lucky!

I have to also put a quick shameless plug if you guys haven't checked out @comedyopenmic / #comedyopenmic and #comedyopenmicespanol please do! It's where all the laughter on steemit is happening and don't forget to make an entry!

I couldn't have made a better choice to join steemit and we're all in at a great time!

I also want to add that I really do live on the worlds best lake. (Lake Superior) and I post pictures of the lake and surrounding landscapes frequently!

I look forward to growing with you all! Peace & Love!

Really looking forward to getting to know you and working together with you, @bitfiend !! ComedyOpenMic is such a great and fun Steemit content :> Wonderful drive, @bitfiend !!!

You're an agate hunter?! Now that has piqued my interest!!!
Have you blogged about this?
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

Yes I am! Love it! I've been getting busier and busier lately, but my last agate post was 7 days ago. Check it out! Included within the post are links to all my other agate posts :) I start a new job this morning (hence my super early response) but I hope to maintain a consistent posting schedule. Just recently posted about this awesome dolphin support opportunity here which includes how I got the job offer just a few hours before I got accepted to dolphin support! Good things are coming and I'm definitely in hustle mode hoping to do "everything that I can do" in a day.

Congratulations everyone!! I wish you all happy growth spurts. It is great what you are doing to help others @tcpolymath. This place would be an amazing place if others decide to help out the small redfish and minnows.

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hi @beeyou (Paula) ! i've seen you around :> you have a beautiful soul and a warm spirit :> keep it up <3

Naaaw! Thanks so much, you radiant being!
Your words are like little heart-bursts!
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

thank you very much for this opportunity and i am honor to be part of the movement. looking forward to everyone amazing and awesome contribution toward steemit. Cheers

hello @cklai ! glad to see you on board ! looking forward to get to know you and working alongside with you to make steemit a great(er) place ! :D

I realized I made a mistake in not checking your SP totals. You're still in the program but you're too low here; I've added you to @particleman instead.

Hi @tcpolymath, thanks you very much

These people seem to be great Steemians, I will remember their names. And the names of project runners of course :D.

Always happy to see someone so engaged with people around like yourself, scrawly! Keep up the great spirit~~~

Hehehe I just happen to have some extra free time this weekend, that’s why I’m commenting a lot XD.

Thank you so much for those warm words... You're a whole lotta awesome!
Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

No! Don't thank me, you're the one who help suicidal people. I thank you instead.

Keep doing what you're doing! :D

I am very happy to be here, I love to vote and comment, and have a hard time commenting on a blog/post I like when I can not vote, this is going to help so much. My two cents used to be 20% vote, I remember as a new user getting my first 2 cent vote on something, I liked the feel. I think getting the new user to see that there is help out there keeps them coming back, and trying to learn. Very happy to be among some very great people.

i still remember when my 100% is 2 cents (because it is still like that now) (XD XD XD)

i love giving people and new users that feel like they are not abandoned :>

lets do good work together, @bashadow !!

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I go away for a few hours and you guys have practically created a community just in this post. Seems like I picked the right people. I've been up 21 hours and desperately need to crash, so I'm going to dodge making specific responses for the moment at least. Go ahead and solve all of Steemit's problems while I sleep if you'd like.

a spider is humbled to have been selected, tc ! :> i will do what i can so support the steemit community, and specially its minnows :> one of my goals when im a dolphin is to be a beautiful spiderdolphin ............... no that didn't come out right .... /o\

... i mean i want to be able to look after the minnows myself when i am able to :D :D :D

I know right! @tcpolymath I mean, Ginbot was telling me that stuff was going on here, but I hadn't had time to scratch my arse until now... I check in to say g'day and booom!


Blissful blessings and smiles
in joy

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