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If you don't know me...
Read about me!

Hey! It's me again... the Magic Frog. First of all I want to thank everyone who participated so far. With your help I will soon know what happened to my master! BUT.... I also noticed that some of you have problems with understanding the rules and the whole process. Of course... I am magic... you are not! I think that's the problem and so I created a little helpful tool for all the non-magic people out there.

You can find it here:

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More to come...

The Basics... Again...

Just to make sure even the most... "average" and non-magic person has a chance to fully understand what's going on here, I will explain everything AGAIN... slow and easy.

There's an initial post, starting the story. You can read it here. Look far at the bottom, where it says "Once upon a time, there was a wizard...". That's the start.

People commented and the comment with the most upvotes got appended to the story in the next post one day later. To participate you must always comment on the most recent post!
Please adhere to the instructions in each post or use the new website. That's basically what it is for... to avoid "invalid" comments.

After the first 10 days you will have the option to end the story (by commenting "The End!"). When this happens, the author rewards generated by all the posts belonging to the story, will be raffled. The more parts from you made it into the story, the higher your chance to win this pot. ("The End!" counts too!)

Once a story ended, a new one will start with "Once upon a time,..." and everything else is up to you.

  • The more the posts get upvoted, the more you can win!
  • Every post will be self-upvoted by @the-magic-frog!
  • Every valid comment will be upvoted by @the-magic-frog!
  • Delegate SP to permanently increase the pot and the comment upvotes!
  • Author rewards for the story posts are set to 50/50. The liquid SBD goes into the pot, the rest will power up the account.
  • Other posts (like this one) are set to 100 % Power up.
  • In the near future the creator of all this will be a 1 % beneficiary of all posts.

What's next?

Story Archive
For now we are still busy with the first and most important story, the story about my master. But since it will not be the only story, I think we need some sort of room, a library, an archive... for all the great stories we will create.

Hall Of Fame
The more you contribute, the more famous you will become... of course! Therefore we need a hall, a rather big one I guess.

Since you are earning money, you need a place to store all your wealth. You can use "other platforms" to do that but wouldn't it be nice to have that built in?

I will try to answer all frequent questions new users might have regarding Steem and the overall mechanics.

Promo outside of Steem
Yes, I'm serious about all this. The world could still end very soon and also the people outside of this little lovely community need to know about that! This will hopefully also introduce new people to the Steem ecosystem and its potentials.

Share your ideas! This is a project around creativity. Everything's possible!

The Magic Frog

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When you told me about your concept, I was thrilled.
Great respect for the quick implementation :)


So, you say you met me before? I can't remember. Anyway... thanks for what reads as if it was a meant to be a compliment.

Awesome website!


Thank you! Made everything myself... not that easy with only four fingers on each hand.

I randomly stumbled upon your page a few days ago and I love how every post here feels like a mini game.


Thank you for your appreciation! But actually it's not a game... not at all! It's very serious magic frog business! But there's nothing wrong with having fun actually... Having fun is tolerated... as long as we all stay focused on the mission! And don't forget to share the information with your friends and family. They will be very grateful in the end, I'm pretty sure! Thank you! ;)

Vote socces ok


wow magic frog


Could be the slogan for all this... "Wow! The Magic Frog!" or maybe "The Magic Frog... Wows you every day!"